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Dear Friends,

In the last entry, I let you know about the fantastic power of the Moon and how we need to respect that power. Once you begin to notice the Moon phases, you’ll be able to have more powerful magick and a more balanced life. We experience physical, emotional and spiritual changes during the course of the Moon’s phases.During the New Moon, your energy is turned inward and your spirit may feel withdrawn and tired. The Waxing Moon (when the Moon is growing in size in the sky) is a time of growth, renewal and planting. The Waxing Moon is also a good time for resting and relaxing.

The next phase of the Moon is the Full Moon. This is when the Sun and Moon are opposite one another. During this time the Moon rises at sunset and sets in the early evening. It is present in the sky more than any time during the rest of the month, thus its power is felt very intensely here on earth.

The Full Moon has a few different effects on people. I’ve found that I am more prone to irritation and annoyance with others during this time. In my house, prior to the Full Moon, we experience a lot of bickering. I’ve also noticed a tendency toward over-excitement. Emotions are bubbling. The Full Moon is sometimes associated with a cauldron, which is very appropriate. Its power makes everything rise to the surface and it applies emotional and spiritual heat in our lives.

The Full Moon is noted for having a measurable effect in crime statistics. It’s also been reported that emergency room visits increase during this time. When I worked in retail, the Full Moon was always an interesting one. Once I had a woman wanting to return a wedding dress because “her daughter was done with it.” And another lady wanted to return a threadbare fur coat from another store. The next time you have a head-scratching event, check the calendar. You might be dealing with someone under the Full Moon’s influence.

If you have a magickal garden, the Full Moon is the ideal time for picking your herbs. The earth and all its elements are infused with the Moon’s energy. Magick during this phase of the moon is focused on protection and divination. Many people schedule their magick for the Full Moon, because it offers extra power. The Full Moon is also a perfect time for healing spells, new employment spells and money spells. This phase is the most magickal time of the month; use it wisely.

The Waning Moon marks the time that the earth breathes in and is more receptive. Your body responds in the same way; people are more receptive both physically and intellectually. This is a time for inner work. Magick of the Waning Moon should focus on your personal psychic power, meditation and attracting things to you. If you take the time to center yourself during this period, you will find yourself more calm, focused and concentrated. Magick having to do with wisdom, knowledge and healing also works well during this time. You should also spend time cleaning and organizing your home; you’ll feel less stress about this than during the other moon phases.

In the garden, the Waning Moon is a time for cut plants and trim trees. Your plants will recover more quickly and heal. It is a time for pruning, but not for planting. Save that for the Waxing Moon.

And so the cycle continues again, with the Waning Moon leading into another New Moon. Using the Moon’s energy in your life can have a large impact on your life, your magick and the way you approach the world. In encourage you to get in touch with the Moon’s cycles and apply them to your life.
Brightest Blessing,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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