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Dear Friends,

One of the fantastic things about being a Witch is choosing your concept of Deity. I never identified with the white-bearded, distant and impersonal God I was taught about in Sunday school as a child. No doubt, if you are exploring Wicca or are already a Pagan, you didn’t either.

To Pagans, Deity is personal and powerful. The Deity in your life is any Higher Power or Spiritual Energy that you put your faith and trust in. You rely on your Deity to help you grow spiritually. Some people rely on the God and Goddess, and don’t name them. Others pick more specific Deities from the mythology of the Ancient World, like Athena, Venus, Zeus and Osiris. The Deity can also be identified through Animal Totems, Jesus, Mary, The Holy Spirit, the Lord and Lady, Mother Nature, Angels, etc. Since they are chosen on a personal level, there are too many to name here.

To get in touch with your personal Deity, you’ll want to reach him or her through meditation. Meditation is the form by which you can seek their help and let them get in touch with you on a soul level.

Prepare yourself for meditation by finding a quiet place where you feel peaceful. Make sure you can be comfortable, and won’t be disturbed. The key to finding your spirit guide or Personal Deity is to be comfortable during the meditation process. You can try meditating standing up with your arms held toward the skies. Some people say this helps, but I’ve been able to meditate in several different positions. If you can, try to do this meditation outside at night. I’ve found that this helps increase the bond between oneself and the Deity.

However, the choice is most definitely up to you! Comfort is the ultimate goal, and whatever makes you comfortable is best. There is no wrong way to start this process! Find a place that “feels” spiritual to you. This could be outdoors, but it could also be a quiet part of your home, or a completely different location. Paganism fits you, not the other way around.

Your spiritual side already knows which Deities you believe in, but your conscious rational mind might block that out until you are ready to receive them into your life. This blocking occurs until you are ready to receive them. This meditation practice will let your mind know it is time to explore this more spiritual part of your life. Your Spirit Guides have waiting for you to call upon them so they can make themselves known to you. They have been waiting for you to come before them and ask their guidance.

Their presence may have been known to you for years, in small twinges of intuition. If you’ve ever felt yourself inexplicably pulled in one direction or other’those were your Spirit Guides at work. The gut feelings you’ve experienced over the years are evidence of their presence as well.

In fact, your draw to Paganism and Witchcraft is a result of your Spirit Guides influence as well. Through the years, you’ve read about religions, heard mention of Deities and felt a pull in your spirit. This was your gentle guide toward finding your true spiritual nature. In fact, you may have been drawn to this site based on one of those feelings. From now on, pay more attention to those thoughts and twinges. Feel where your Deity is guiding you, and follow accordingly.

In the next section, I’ll reveal how to align yourself with your Deity and discover more about it. I’ll expound on the meditation method necessary for getting in touch with your Spirit Guides. And I’ll explain the importance of them in your life.

Brightest Blessing,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. SNOW says

    Merry Meet Dear Rose
    I’ve been dormant doing my witchcraft practice….
    But I can feel that I must continue what I’ve started…
    I often dream of the moon looking through me in my dreams, as if it persuading me back to this path…
    I even dream of a little girl wearing all white and so beautiful and very angelic offering her hand to mine, and according to my dream she’s in the person of the goddess Selene…I’ve been hanging with the question: Is Selene be the Deity that fits me? Ever since I never discover anything about this path, I have a peculiar feelings about the Moon, I love the moon esp the FULLMoon whenever I gaze into it I can feel a connection.. I want to ask you whats really the face or presence of Goddess Selene… I want to make sure if what I’ve meet in my dreams is her..
    Merry Part

    July 30th, 2007 | #

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