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Dear Friends,

Spirit Guides and personal Deities are an important part of the Pagan spiritual path. Getting in touch with them is a good starting place for your spiritual practice. Don’t worry about how to approach your Deity, you don’t need to use special wording or a specific ritual in order to get in touch with them. Be yourself. They know you and have known you for your entire life. Speak to them as your heart does, and they will listen. They love you unconditionally. Forget about any preconceived notions you have with regards to your spirituality. Your faith ultimately comes from within, and there are no wrong or right ways to find your Spirit Guides and Deity. Your path will evolve naturally from guidance from the Deity.

To prepare for your meditation, as I previously mentioned, you’ll need to be in a quiet and comfortable place. You can, if you choose, use candles and incense to set the mood of the session. Some people find it helpful to surround themselves with images and items that are special to them. I often use Tarot cards to express feelings, and also have artwork of nature surrounding me as I meditate. You can use herbs, gemstones, crystals or even a special piece of cloth to make the meditation more sacred.

Before you start your meditation, however, it is important to say a short blessing to prevent any negative energy from entering your space. You can also cast a circle, but for this type of meditation, I prefer to use the following blessing:

‘spirit Guides, I come before you to ask for your help. Please guide me toward the right spiritual path. Please show me the path that will bring me peace, love, inner strength, courage and stability. Protect me and my family from all negative spirits or energies that wish to do us harm, since I am stepping into unfamiliar territory. I ask that only spirits of love and protection show themselves to me. Show me who you are as I do this mediation today and give me the wisdom to recognize you as what you are. I come humbly before you, and thank you for communing with me. Blessed be.”

To begin meditating, get into your comfortable position, and ground and center. If you practice the astral projection technique that I outlined in an earlier message, you can travel to your astral temple. If not, simply make your mind a blank slate and mentally call out to your Deity and Guides.

Close your eyes and be still. Take a few slow deep breaths and release them. With each release, feel your body becoming more relaxed. Take as many moments as you need to get truly relaxed. Ask your spirit to be open and ready to receive the messages from your Spirit Guides today.

They will respond in words, visions and thoughts. You can even see their presence in dreams or in reading you do. Sometimes, they will send a special person or series of people to pass through your life to help you grow spiritually. Keep in mind the response may not come in the actual session, but later that day or week. If you experience visions dreams and messages during your meditation time, make sure to write down everything that happens. Your meditation may be interrupted by thoughts of your mundane life. It’s sometimes hard to put aside the things like the growing pile of laundry, the mortgage payment or what to make for dinner. If you have these types of thoughts, let them come through but don’t dwell on them during your meditation. Don’t try to block them out for that will result in their persistent interruption. Just try to let them flow through you.

Don’t worry if you don’t receive any messages during your first session. Know that your Spirit Guides and Deity are listening, and will make themselves known to you with time. It takes a few sessions to be able to break beyond the physical world and allow your spirit to tap into the other side. Keep up the practice each day for at least fifteen minutes. You will get the messages you need in time.

Love And Light,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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