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Candles are powerful magickal tools, but to use them effectively, you don’t always have to do a full-blown ritual. Candle exercises can strengthen your concentration in meditation and also open up a doorway into astral projection and other experiences. The following exercises need nothing more than a small candle and a dark room. You can use different colored candles depending on the purpose of the exercise. For clarity and vision, which these exercises increase, I normally use a purple candle dressed with special psychic blend oil.

Just as with all meditations and exercises I explain, make sure to pick a time and place where you will not be disturbed. I’ve found that a good time of the day is right before sunrise. The house is normally quiet and very dark. It’s also a harkening to Druid teachings that say that dawn and dusk are the two times of the day when the other-worlds are easily reached from our world. However, don’t let this suggestion stop you from doing the exercises when you can.

To begin, make sure the room you are in is free of drafts from windows, air conditioners or doors. You need to sit comfortably with the candle placed 12 to 18 inches in front of you.

This first exercise will help with concentration, focus and breathing. It will connect you to the element of Fire. In your quiet place, light your candle. There should be very little movement to the flame. Begin by breathing slowly through your nose, and as far out as you can. Use a circular breath, which means that you don’t pause between the in breath and the out breath. After several of these deep breaths, focus your eyes on the flame. Continue to breathe while concentrating on the flame. As you breathe in, visualize the flame growing larger, and then shrinking as you breathe out. It may take a while for your breath to connect with the flame, but soon the candle should be growing and shrinking as you visualize.

The next exercise is to bend the flame. This increases your energy flow and teaches you how to control that flow. This is a good exercise to learn if you are interested in Energy Work or any type of Healing. Meditate on the flame for a few minutes and establish a connection with it. Slowly, place your left hand four inches from the side of the flame. Will the flame to bend in that direction and draw the flame’s energy to your palm. I’ve found that cupping your hand sometimes helps with this step. This may take up to a minute, and once you’ve achieved this, remove your left hand and cup your right hand on the other side of the flame. Repeat as many times as you like.

The next exercise further gets you in touch with the power of the other elements. First, use Wind. While looking at the strong and steady flame, visualize a breeze flowing in from your left side. Feel the breeze on your skin and pay attention to how the flame reacts. Calm the breeze from your left, and imagine a breeze coming in from the right. Then rotate the breeze to come in from the back, and then the front. Will the candle flame to respond accordingly. The influence of water can be visualized by conjuring up the image of a rainy cloud dowsing the flame down to nothing. Try this same exercise with the element of Earth by visualizing damp dirt falling over the flame and making it smaller.

Remember, these exercises may take some time to master. The importance is on focusing your visualization. Eventually, your will and the strength of your power will adjust the candle flame for your physical eyes. Have fun with these and practice as often as you like.

Love And Light,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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    :smile:alwys the teacher bright blessings to you rose . you have done so much for so many, and on and on you go thank you .

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