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Dear Friends,

I still play with dolls, but it’s not what you think! The use of poppets has long been part of my magickal practice. If you’re not using these powerful tools, this article may have you wanting to get sewing immediately!

Poppets have been used for centuries as a form of sympathetic magick, and are similar to voodoo dolls. Even though they are now associated with voodoo, poppets come out of Western European traditions. These small figures can be used in many ways and are powerful allies in healing, energizing and attracting spells.

Usually a poppet is made out of cloth, but I’ve experimented through the years and made some out of clay, wood and wax. It is filled with herbs that match the purpose of the spell along with a few personal items that create a personal bond between oneself and the item.

How does a poppet work? For example, Let’s say you have a person that you need to banish from your life. You make a poppet from black cloth (a color of banishment), and fill it with rue, birch and garlic (or one of those three). After charging the doll with the person’s name, you could bind the doll’s hands to stop the person from meddling in the affairs of others. For a finishing touch, you can toss the doll in the river to take it far away from you. This symbolizes the person being taken out of your life.

Of course, not all poppets are for banishment. You can also make poppets to heal yourself and others. In this case, you’ll use green fabric, and fill the poppet with rosemary, juniper and saffron. If you or someone you know is experiencing pain, you can place pins in the area that is causing pain. Slowly remove the pins to relieve the pain and heal the person represented by the poppet.

A poppet can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like it to be. You can make your poppet as part of your ritual, or construct it prior to casting your circle. You can even make it days in advance and use it when the time is right. The more work you put into your poppet, the more you will be connected to it.

Before you begin constructing your poppet, decide what its purpose will be. Remember that poppets are constructed to represent people. Who is this poppet for? Do you have someone that you need to keep out of your life? Is there someone who spreads gossip? Does a friend need help securing a new job? Do you want to make a poppet to protect your home or your car?

After that, you’ll want to select your fabric. While the type of fabric doesn’t matter, the color does. Refer to your color correspondence chart for an appropriate color for your work. You can also choose patterns that fit your purpose, like a heart print for a love poppet. You can find inexpensive fabric from Wal-mart or a craft store.

Your poppet should be shaped in a person, with two arms, two legs and a head. It doesn’t have to be a perfect shape, just representative of a person. You can use a gingerbread man cookie cutter as a template for your work. A poppet doesn’t have to be huge’the cookie cutter shape is perfect. It’s just the right size to add herbs and other elements inside.

Cut out your fabric and then sew around the edge. You’ll need some straight pins to hold the two sides of the poppet together. With a little practice, this simple sewing isn’t too hard.

After the poppet is almost complete, turn it right side out, so most of the seam is on the inside. Stuff the poppet with the right herbs for your purpose. Also, add a picture or something else representing the person that the poppet will stand for. This will link your poppet to that individual. If you are making a poppet of yourself, you can use your skin, hair or nails. Sew the final inch or two on your poppet.

You can draw a face on your poppet if you like to make it more personal. Tell the poppet who it is, and bestow it with a name.

Now your poppet is ready for your purposes. Bind it, pin it, bury it, bless it, and let the magick begin.

Brightest Blessing,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. joy says

    I made one of my ex-husband who tried to destroy my life ..and he took my children from me ..and he used the legal system ..I made one (poppet that is) put in his pic..some fox-glove.sewed up his mouth with red thread ..stiched through that no-good heart of his..tied him up with string ,,and buried him ..and then i spit on it! what will happen to him i wonder?

    July 13th, 2009 | #

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