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Dear Friends,

In this message, I’d like to talk more about Pagan PR, and tips for anyone who feels the need to educate others about our faith. I think that some people in the Pagan community have actually done more harm than good when it comes to representing themselves as Pagan (a few episodes of the show “Wifeswap” come to mind). It’s my goal with this short series to get people to think before they act, and understand that their approach to non-Pagans has an effect on us all.

Next on my list is the use of magickal names in public forums (whether it be newspapers, lectures or interviews). I love my magickal name, but it’s my magickal name. It doesn’t represent who I am entirely as a person.
The rest of the world won’t be so accepting of your message already, and you are definitely going to set yourself apart when you introduce yourself as Zeus Dragonslayer. Of course, no Wiccan in their right mind would ever go by that particular name, but that’s what our magickal names sound like to non-Pagans. If you are in anyway a public spokesperson for Paganism, then use a normal sounding name. If you need to, use your mundane first name and omit your last name for safety reasons. You’ll get a lot more respect than you would if you introduced yourself as Moonbeam.

Another important point to remember is to start off your conversation with something other than “This isn’t Satanism.” How many other religions do that? That statement tells the listener or reader nothing about your real spiritual path. Make it your goal to fill their minds with the things that Paganism actually is, rather than the things it isn’t. By stating the facts about it, you are negating the stereotypes without having to address them. Use positive statements and this will reinforce to the audience (whomever it might be) why this is a beautiful spiritual path.

If you don’t have a title, don’t make one up. Don’t claim to be a High Priestess to give yourself more credibility if you aren’t one at all. If you are a High Priestess or member of some type of Pagan clergy, give proof of it. It legitimizes Paganism for the audience and gives you the credibility that you want. Lying about things like this only perpetuates stereotypes about witchcraft.

It follows that if you don’t know something, don’t lie. Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know.” Remember, we are all learning on this path. Other religions focus on knowing everything to a “T” but Pagans remember that life is a process and learning is forever. Instead of trying to make up an answer, be willing to tell the truth even if that means having to experience a little humility. You can point the inquirer toward a source that can answer their question, or better yet, you can discover the answer together.

It’s helpful to network with other Pagans who are representatives of the faith. You can trade tips and share experiences. After all, in some cases it is an “us” against “them” situation. Pagans can band together to present a united view of the faith, while still maintaining the individuality that each person’s path has.

Above all, do good things on a daily basis. This is not important for PR as much as it is for your soul and spirituality. As an added benefit, you are becoming a living example of the beauty and goodness that comes from this spiritual path. Society judges people on their words and actions. If your actions are not in line with the words that you speak, your words have no value. The best thing you can do to show others exemplify Paganism is to live a well-rounded and positive life.

Love And Light,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. Calista says

    I love this topic. This holds true for anything, and anyone. Even in a work place, if you dont know the answer, dont lie. Pass them on to someone who knows.

    You write beautifully, and I appreciate your work. Keep this up. You are a positve thinker, and we all need to hear someone speak like this once in a while, whether we believe it or not.

    September 22nd, 2007 | #
  2. Silver Mist says

    :sad: I don’t know but somehow even though Wicca on the one hand seems to be coming out into the open more, it is getting harder to discuss. I have noticed so many more tv programs mostly aimed towards children that portray witch craft as either fighting demonic powers or is evil itself. There are so many cartoons now on it and programs such as Charmed.

    October 6th, 2007 | #
  3. Riel says

    Many in the Pagan community have just started the path, and the knowledge of the name is a mystery to them. As they grow in knowledege a the faith of the path. As they pray, and seek guidiance, as the Lord and Lady reviel more, and moreof themselves to them, then they shall know there name. For the name is not given by a priest or priestess, and normally comes in spirit quest.

    October 12th, 2007 | #

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