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Dear Friends,

Kitchen Witchery…what is it? Does it even exist? These are some of the questions that have been in the minds of many Pagans throughout the years. Kitchen Witchery is a form of Witchcraft, but by no means a formal one. You won’t find Kitchen Witchcraft Covens, degrees, Priests or Priestesses. A Kitchen Witch may hold ritual, but doesn’t necessarily have to. She (or he, we must not be sexist here) will do small spells, or may do none at all.

Kitchen Witches, sometimes called Hearth Witches, run the spectrum of chaos magick to ceremonial magick. There is an infinite variety of practice when it comes to this type of Paganism. There isn’t a lot of information regarding Kitchen Witches, because this is the type of Paganism that has been passed down orally from mother to daughter through the centuries.

Many Pagans acknowledge this a valid and important tradition in Witchcraft.
However, a lot of them don’t try to understand what Kitchen Witch’s do. In my experience and opinion, a Kitchen Witch’s sacred space is the kitchen. Her magickal tools consist of the butcher knife, the flame of the stove, the tap water, the food from the earth, the aroma of the meal. These all come together, representing the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Kitchen Witchery is all about taking care of the home, and not just the kitchen.
She sews, she plants herbs, she cares for her family’she is like a nicer, more Pagan version of Martha Stewart. The Kitchen Witch draws from the power of the Goddesses of the Ancient World, Hestia, Janus, Earache and Athena, just to name a few.

A Kitchen Witch is skilled at most of the following:

* Cooking
* Sewing or Weaving
* Herbalism
* Crafting (Hobby style crafts)
* Washing and cleansing
* Teaching
* Managing money
* Psychology (just ask any homemaker who had to deal with a stressed out spouse or a child)
* Time management
* Healing and First Aid
* Counseling
* Handyman and troubleshooter
* Veterinarian
* Helper to the Spouse (and their specialty)
Don’t let this description fool you though. Kitchen Witchcraft is more than just housework. This type of witchcraft is incredibly effective. A Kitchen Witch can make a dinner that enchants the family, make a doll that brings good luck, brew potions that change the world and teach her children to be beautiful on the outside and the inside. Just because her domain is the home, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know what is going on in the world around her. Her main motivation is to teach the next generation so they can improve that world through their positive energy.

The Kitchen Witch is the Creator Goddess of the Home. Everyday she participates in creation, from dinner, to small repairs around the house, to kissing boo boos and encouraging family members to do their best.

However, Kitchen Witchery is a dying art, I’m afraid to say. Our Western world is changing. The standard of living has gone so far up, that most families require two incomes to stay afloat. Many people wish they could be at home with their children, but they have to work in order to get the money they need to live.

How can Kitchen Witchery stay alive? The other members of the family can pitch in as much as possible. Create together as a family and make the home a good place to be. The Kitchen Witch can start teaching the children the principles of a magickal home so they can pitch in and also learn the skills needed for their future.

Kitchen Witchcraft doesn’t have to die away in light of the new way of doing things, but it must be adapted. I encourage you to find ways to bring a little Creator God or Goddess into your life at home.

Brightest Blessing,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. carole says

    Yet again you give me an answer before I ask the question! Most of my magic takes place in the kitchen, I can sew, cook as a single parent do all my household chores and DIY! I do my rituals in a different place and was wondering what sort of whitch I am now I am closer to knowing MY path. Thank you Rose what would I do without your guidence and knowledge, I learn so much from you Brightest Blessings to you and to your family

    September 29th, 2007 | #
  2. Janie says

    Loved It! I’ve finally been classified! This is what my grandmother taught me when I was so so small, though she called it just the “craft”. WOW! I’m impressed!! This explains so much to me. Any handcraft I do becomes a link/method of meditation which becomes spell work. It always has. I’ve never been able to walk away from any sewing or crafting project (even gardening) because I feel the intent is not complet just as in a spell.
    Thank you so much for clearing up this “quirk” in my personality!
    Blessed be to you and yours!

    October 1st, 2007 | #
  3. Kisha says

    :oops: *blushes* now I know what a kitchen witch is, I thought it was something made up (stuff like that). But I’m very glad to know now, and I have a HIGH respect for them. They are vital for the growth and maintenance of a family. They sound so warm and loving.

    October 3rd, 2007 | #

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