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Dear Friends,

Paganism is growing by leaps and bounds. Okay, I don’t have any actual proof of that, but it certainly does seem that way, doesn’t it? More and more people are dissatisfied with the state of organized religion and are seeking something more spiritual and less dogmatic. This is both good and bad, in my opinion.

The growth of the Pagan movement is good because I always enjoy enlightening people to this path. I feel that it’s an important path, and one that has been fulfilling for me. I hope others feel the same way when they start to explore Wicca. My beliefs and experiences as a witch have transformed my life and helped to define it.

I love the enthusiasm that newbies bring, but sometimes (and this is the bad part of Paganism growing by leaps and bounds) their enthusiasm either fizzles or is misplaced. There are a lot of different types of newbie that I see enter the Wicca 101 classes that I teach. I see the young girls who decide they are witches based on watching Charmed too much. I see women who want Paganism to be full of love and light, and nothing else (there is Brightest Blessing, but everything must have balance). I see people who enter looking for unlimited power at the flick of a wrist (a la Harry Potter). I meet those who want to know everything but then get overwhelmed. But above all, I see a lot of turnover.
A lot of people who explore Paganism never stay long enough to find out what it’s really about. So I wanted to offer a few tips for the Pagan newbie.

* Continue reading about Paganism after you finish your first book. I know it’s easy to assume that a Wicca 101 book has everything you’ll ever need to know. But remember, authors have differences of opinion even on the basics. It’s best to read as much as you can, then make your own decisions.

* Meet other Pagans! This can consist of joining a mailing list, finding a local discussion group or finding a coven to be a part of. Even if you plan to be a solitary Wiccan, it’s important to get to know others on this path. you’ll always learn something from discussing Paganism with another Pagan. You can gain insight that you can’t get from books.

* Paganism, like life, is a journey and not a destination. You’re never going to “get” it all. I still don’t get it all, even after 20 plus years. This is a path that you grow on. There is always something to learn about the Deities, about magick and about you. There is no fast path to becoming a Witch. When you study this path, actually study it’don’t just skim through as much as you possibly can to get to some “finish line”.
It doesn’t exist, don’t stress yourself out. There are no grades, no final exams. The only indicator of success is your personal spiritual fulfillment.

* Learn to have a thick skin when it comes to your religion. People will disagree with you, and that’s okay. You can’t let every comment burn through you and destroy your inner confidence. If you are happy with Wicca, that is all that matters. You may even have differences of opinion with fellow Pagans (trust me, it happens a lot). Learn to accept differences and see challenges to your beliefs as a way to learn more about your inner strength.

* Conversely, question everything! This should include others writings as well as your own beliefs. You should be constantly reconstructing what you believe to make it better and create a better foundation for your spiritual path.

I hope these guidelines will help newcomers embrace this path and continue to journey on it. These are some things I wish I had been taught earlier in my walk.

Love And Light,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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