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Dear Friends,

When I ask my new students the type of spells they want to learn first, the majority of them will sheepishly admit that they’d like to learn money spells. And it’s no wonder why. Money makes the world go ’round and definitely makes life easier. Creating magick to make money is in no way selfish, greedy or “bad”. The Christian precepts that associate money with evil are in no way found in Paganism.

Since we worship nature, we realize that money is a natural extension of the bartering system, which is the natural way to exchange goods and services. Since not many of us produce our own wheat, cattle or vegetables we had to figure out some way to get things we needed even if we had nothing to trade.

Money spells work when you approach them from the right standpoint. Most of magick is based on the law of abundance. There is abundance in the universe. The universe contains everything we will ever need in the form of energy. With our will that energy is transformed into the things we see in the physical existence.
We all create matter with our minds, without even realizing it. When we ask for money with our magick, we are not taking from anyone or cheating anyone.
We are simply transferring energy from the universe into a physical manifestation of money. The energy is there to be worked with. Our magick just gives it a name.

There are several forms of money magick and all of them work on this concept of manifestation. Often times, early in my Wicca 101-type classes, I have my students do an exercise in manifestation. I’d like you to practice this first so you familiarize yourself with manifestation and visualization. On a night during the waxing moon, get into your most comfortable meditation pose, and ground and center. Once you are completely relaxed and feel ready, hold out your hand and feel the weight of an apple in it. In your mind’s eye, look at the apple. See its unique characteristics. Look at the color variations and notice its shape. Is your apple solid red, or is it green, or perhaps gold and red? Is it large or small? How does it feel in your hand?

Observe the apple for as long as you feel comfortable. Once you feel that you’ve gotten a good idea of what the apple looks like, let the apple go in your mind’s eye. See it going away from you. As it leaves, command it to return to you within seven days.

The results of this exercise often surprise and delight my students. They’ve received their apples in a variety of ways. One gentleman was offered an apple at work because his coworker’s wife had packed an extra one in his lunch. A woman’s husband made an unexpected stop at a fruit stand on their Sunday drive to get some apples (he didn’t know about the exercise). A young student ran over an apple in her high school parking lot. Perhaps my favorite was the young woman whose boyfriend did not agree with her new belief system. When she told him about the apple exercise, he proudly gave her an apple the next day and said, ‘see, it doesn’t work!? not realizing he was making the magick come true.

Now I know you can’t pay your bills with an apple, but I find that this exercise is a good precursor to money magick. While it may seem impossible at first to make hundreds of dollars appear from nowhere, conjuring an apple is a good first step. Once you’ve completed this exercise, your confidence in your abilities will grow and your money magick will be more successful.

In the next message, we’ll explore how manifesting money works. But until then, start manifesting your apple.

Brightest Blessing,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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    I hope that u had a great thanksgiving. I like the new blog that u just did.

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