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Dear Friends,

Money magick doesn’t work unless you confront your beliefs about money.
This was covered in the last message, and if you haven’t read it, I encourage you to read that first before proceeding with any of the spells in this section.

Money spells are a popular topic for new witches and “old” witches alike (I use the term old here to imply time in the craft and not necessarily age). Magick is a powerful attractor and money is a necessity that just about everyone needs. There is nothing wrong with using magick to bring money, if you do it correctly.

Please note that as you do the following spells, the money is not going to appear the very next day. It may take time for the magick to work. For this reason, I often tell my students to perform the magick a week or two before they know they’ll actually need the money. This gives the magick time to work and puts the witch in a much less desperate state of mind.

If you’d like to personalize any of the spells or create your own money spell, I will provide the basic correspondences for money and prosperity. Herbs associated with money include Patchouli, frankincense, benzoin resin, dill, pine, cinnamon, vervain, mint and cinquefoil. Use the color green for candles and elsewhere in your money rituals. Also, make sure you are facing north when you perform your money magick, and have other items representing earth on your altar. The best days of the week for money spells are Thursday and Sunday. The stones associated with money are citrine, Malachite, aventurine, jade, garnet and tiger-eye.

Spell #1

Prepare an area where you can leave a candle undisturbed for 9 days. Select a good-sized green candle. Anoint it with Almond oil (or extract if you can’t get the oil). Place the bill you need paid under the candle. If you cannot place the bill itself under the candle, write down the amount you owe, the date it is due and who you owe it to on a piece of paper and use that.
Just before sunrise, light the candle and visualize this bill being paid in full. Focus on that image for at least 10 minutes. Once the sun has risen, repeat this incantation:
Hail and welcome the Coming Day
When all my debts are swept away.
As today a new day’s dawning
Let my will be done this morning.
Release me from financial bind
And ease the worry from my mind.
Help me now to pay this debt
A kindness that I’ll not forget.
Grant my plea and hear my call
Be it only for the good of all.
Let the candle burn another 5 minutes then snuff it out. Leave the candle on top of the bill or paper. Each morning at sunrise, re-anoint and light the candle. Repeat the spell. By the end of the ninth day, you should find you have the money you need, or the means to get the bill paid. In some cases, you may find the debt collector agreeable to having the repayment of the bill temporarily postponed.
To seal the spell, you should give something back, as a thank you for what you have gained. Donate some clothes to a shelter or time to a children’s group.
Give blood. Something to say thanks to the Deities and return the favor that has been granted to you.
Spell #2

This money bottle spell should be performed on a Thursday during the Waxing Moon.

You’ll Need:
* 5 new coins in each denomination (pennies, dimes etc.)
* 5 each of the following spices/seeds: Cinnamon sticks, cloves, dry corn, allspice, pecans (or peanuts) and sesame seeds.
Place coins and spices in a glass bottle (an empty spice bottle works well).
Shake for several minutes to combine the ingredients. While shaking, repeat the following:

Silver and spices, Copper and grain, I need to increase my money gain.

Keep the bottle near where you usually store your purse or wallet.

There are many other money spells out there to try. But these two are my favorites.
I hope they work well for you!

Brightest Blessing,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. kenneth says

    dear Rose
    i have a wonderful idea about experiencing magic with crystals. I’m trying to get my wife to buy me one. She doesn’t know that I’m practicing witchcraft and want to keep it a secret. I bought a little elf piece from the store and i put my hand around it and felt a tangle sensation in my fingers and some part of my hand so i wondering if that experiencing magic in some sort of way. I’ve done the protection spell. When i was in the circle visualizing i felt a peace over me like there was a spiritual side within the circle. I lite my candles and close my eyes and there was some bright light in balls i could see as i assume it was from the candle. I visualize and the light kind of spread out in small balls. So I’m going to try the crystal next and see what happens. I believe that the protection spell in already with me because i did all that you instructed. You are a great teacher and I’m proud of being your student far away online. I’m trying to purchase a wand but i must do that in secret from my family. Wish me good luck. You will always be with me in spirit and i have love for my teacher. Forever thank you.:razz:

    December 9th, 2007 | #
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