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Dear Friends,

Venus (or Aphrodite – depending on which pantheon you pick) is as omnipresent in mundane culture as she is in Pagan culture. This goddess has been co-opted by artists, poets, television and movies as the epitome of love. But how many of us really know Venus and her world.

Venus’s world is a soft and tender world. With the influence of Venus we intimately relate to the people and things that we love. Over-flowing rivers of attention and attraction replace rejection. It is a world of beauty and harmony.
Venus brings confirmation that we are okay, we are beautiful and we can connect with anything around us – a lover, a pet, a flower, a moment in time, a work or art, incredible food, lively dance, laughter’the list goes on and on. Venus rules all that is beautiful and pleasurable.

Venus’s realm of kindness and beauty is based on overall love and acceptance.
We all have this subconsciously in ourselves as remnants from the last time we were totally relaxed, safe and protected – the nine months we spent in our mother’s womb. Just like us, Venus was born from water. She emerged from the sea among white foamy waves and stood on a shell draped in her own luxurious hair, as Boticelli famously depicted her.

Since she is from the sea, her relationship to water and the characteristics of the element are deep. She urges us to experience emotions deeply and fully.
Love, sensuality, beauty and pleasure are linked entirely and should be sought out by everyone.

Venus seeks to relate and connect. She thinks of every living being and object in relation to herself. How can it bring her pleasure? How will it move her, satisfy, or admire her?

She is a timeless beauty. She attracts any man she meets. She is the Queen of Love. She dances through life taking part in all of its pleasure, sensual and beautiful Her lovers are many, but she prefers Mars or Ares (the God of War). He opposes her perfectly. Her quest for beauty is matched by his love of discord and rebellion. Her tender love is matched by his fierce passion.
She is kind and he is rude. She is cautious, but he is daring and impulsive.
She loves intimacy and foreplay; he approaches love straightforwardly and instinctually.
She is moved by emotions, and he responds to actions. Many people choose Venus and Mars as their idyllic God and Goddess pair. They truly represent balance and the diversity of the masculine and feminine.

Venus is in all of us. She effects how we express ourselves emotionally. She is present in our feelings about love, sex, marriage and relationships. She is there when we meet friends for dinner, attend a party and socialize with coworkers during break. She attends to our likes and dislikes and affects our aesthetics. In addition, she shows up when we are lazy and restful. Remember, her tendency is toward reacting not action.

Honoring Venus is as simple as enjoying the beauty in everything. Love everyone and yourself especially. Spend some time in luxury and pamper yourself.

For a small ritual honoring Venus, try the following on a Friday (Venus- Day). Adorn your altar with things of beauty, and use the colors red, white and pink. After you’ve grounded and centered yourself, light a pink or red candle and gaze into the flame. Use the following words to call upon the power of Venus:
Goddess, I accept responsibility for my happiness and for meeting my own needs.
Venus, lend me your ability to reveal the true self without being ashamed or afraid.
Goddess of love, help me to keep my environment peaceful and harmonious today.

Have fun exploring your relationship with this powerful Goddess!

Love And Light,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. kenneth says

    Dear rose

    I’m Glade to learn your techniques in real life spell casting. Yesterday i was looking up magic wands because i was very interested in learning how to direct magic and came acoss some information by coeincidence that you wrote an article on how to use a wand. I follow the steps with a circle and said all that needed to be said from your aritcle. I kind of have a wooden stick from a wooden stand in my dinning room as my wand .I’d practice all of the information that you sent me and for over 2 weeks i hadn’t a bill collector bother me every since then.Some of my bills are on hold till the next year comes in. I went outside last night and laid on the hood of my car and stare at the stars and see them dancing around and splitting into two moving back and forth. That same night after i complete the ritual and gazing at the stars watching them dance in the skys i saw a shooting star just past buy heading to the north east. That was amazing i feel like im taping into some exstrodenary energy and everything you said does work atleast for me, but i believe it will work for everybody who is serious about learning.I enjoy reading about the comments of others of what magic has done for them. I want to say thank you for what it is doing for me. Your the best. I will be practising more magic and keep you informed on what it’s doing for me . Your loving student. :Kenneth:

    December 12th, 2007 | #

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