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Dear Friends,

One of my favorite magickal tools is hanging on my dining room wall. No its not a pentacle, broomstick or athame. It’s my telephone!

Are telephones magickal? I certainly think so. Hopefully reading this message will make you see this necessary electronic device in a whole new light.

The phone focuses and directs energy, which are basic principles of magick. When you make a phone call you are sending your intent via waves of electricity. This electricity goes through copper wires, or light pulses through fiber optics. In either case, you are directing your energy exactly where you choose it to go. Think about this next time you are doing spellwork and need a boost of confidence.
You perform energy direction everyday!

Bells are magickal tools that project energy through sound, just like the ringing of a telephone. When you place a call to someone, you fill his or her home with the ringing of a bell. This is akin to sending them a blessing which you can attach your good intentions for health, wealth and happiness. You can direct energy toward them with your ring.

Answering machines are magick as well. Many spells involve charging times and storing energy within it to accomplish a certain purpose. When we leave a message for a friend or loved one, we are charging the answering machine with our wishes. It can store the magickal energy that we send in the form of a message. Callers create a charm of sorts when they leave a message. They charge a physical and tangible item in your home with a bit of their energy.
And then when you play the message, the energy is released.

Color magick can be worked with your choice of phone colors. Phones come in many colors. Pick a color that speaks to you and serves your home. White is a good all around phone color. Picking a green phone for a business line is a great option. Red phones can help attract suitors. The choices are endless.

Some people use cords in magick and store up energy in the knots and tangles.
If you have an older phone in your home, you can use its cord in this fashion.
Instead of viewing the tangles as annoyances, see them as a reflection of your daily life. Little by little and day by day the cord slowly took its shape due to your influence. You can perform a simple ritual of untangling these cords and feel your tensions and emotional knots flow away. You can also wrap the cord around an object you used in a spell. If you are waiting for a call on a new house, wrap the cord around a green candle or appropriate stone.

Phone wires are made of copper and the circuitry is made of tiny silicon chips. Both are natural objects coming from the earth. The purposes for each can be found on correspondence charts. Once you look them up, act accordingly to their purposes when you use the phone.

Numbers hold magick as well. Your phone number, and the numbers of others are unique and hold an energy all their own. Your phone number can be used as a means of divination. If you are doing a spell involving another person, you can use their phone number.

The phone network is a reflection of the Pagan understanding that we are all connected. In the phone network, that is the literal case. There is a physical link connecting you to others through your phone wire. When you hold your phone in your hand, you are connecting with your neighbors, your friends and the world. The copper wires that exist between your phone and all the others connect you to everything.

Are you beginning to see the phone in a new light? Apply this thinking to the rest of your household items. I’m sure you’ll be surprised by just how much magick you have in your home.

Brightest Blessing,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. kenneth says

    Dear Rose

    I’M Glad that you sent me a protection spell to practice with .I just done it and it feel remarkable. As i visualize i feel a peace surrounding my body and felt if you were here with me guiding me as i feel the energy I’m visualizing. You have shown me the way to experience a whole different posability.

    December 8th, 2007 | #

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