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Dear Friends,

The following meditation is an earth meditation that I have created. Feel free to adapt it to your own use. You can make your own-guided meditation by recording this on a tape and then playing it back while you are in a deep state of relaxation. Although it might be strange hearing your own voice on tape, it will allow you to fully concentrate on your visualization without having to focus on remembering the next portion of the meditation.

Do this meditation in a quiet place when you have time to completely rest and relax. You can light a green or brown candle if you wish and hold an earth associated gemstone, such as amber or granite.

Close your eyes, relax and visualize the following:

Imagine yourself anchoring yourself into the cool ground as tree roots. Expand your energy downward allowing the energy to flow from the higher chakras down through the top of your head. While doing so, expanding your roots to deep within the earth’s center. Embrace the earth’s core with these roots. Feel the love stream downward, as you are the conduit of this love towards the Earth. You are part of the Earth and the Earth is part of you.

Now expand your roots outward filling up the entire inner portion of the earth so that it becomes a filled ball of roots, a filled ball of interconnecting love that continues to flow through you. Feel the roots pulsing beneath you and through you. It now is a perfect embrace of unconditional divine love within the Earth.

Now allow the roots to slowly morph from inside to the outside into soft tender hands that gently cradle the Earth. It is a feeling of holding a newborn baby; you are a mother or father to the precious child of Earth! Feel the Love flowing through you to these cosmic hands. Hold it, cradle it, and let your love caress the Earth in warmth and tenderness.

At this point you may see the Earth with a white aura glowing around it. It is healing energy coming from you and all of the others who are connecting with the earth. Expand this glow…Allow this white glow of the aura of the Earth to gently pulse in your hands…leading into a gentle pulsing heart-beat rhythm.

Allow this beating of divine love and tenderness to infuse the energy grid, literally seeing this grid expand and contract around the earth within this glow of the aura. This grid connects all things: plants, animals, people and places. You may feel many emotions of anger, hate, resentment and fear – the feelings of so many in the world. Take those emotions and transmute them into love and continue being the conduit of light sending back 10-fold of love to every negative emotion.

Allow this love to pulse as long as you want. Visualize the center of the Earth filling with white light until it seems ready to burst. The pulsing white energy is healing the earth and its people. It radiates with pure love and removes all negatives on the planet. The white light travels up through your body and radiates throughout you. You are pulsing with the energy as well, and you feel your body, mind and soul being re-energized through the powerful white aura of the Earth. Your cells on every level receive the Earth’s energy and you are healed.

Know that the love you have directed towards the center of the Earth, outside the Earth and back in towards the Earth is a heart beat itself to heal the Earth and her people.

Love And Light,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. kenneth says

    Dear Rose

    thank you for the information about the earth element. I’M GOING to try this in my next practice

    sincerely your loving friend kenneth:wink:

    December 28th, 2007 | #
  2. kenneth says

    Dear Rose

    The earth meditation is awesome .I feel more ground centering like i am the tree in the earth. As i visualize the way of the center of the earth as you describe it i feel more generation of energy like trying to release itself. Thanks again for this blessed information.
    Your loving friend kenneth

    December 29th, 2007 | #
  3. vincenza prete says

    Hello Rose this is vincenza.I just wont to reamading you are varry important to me.I wont to think you to keep in tuch with me.I wonted to lit you know that i want for job intervew.I am hopping that she will call me for a job,plece sanding me a good weshis.LOVE Enza.:razz:

    December 30th, 2007 | #
  4. kenneth says

    Dear Rose

    I just want to let you know that the earth meditation is really powerful helping me against negativity after work.It help me with focus and peace of mind during meditation after a ritual bath.My heart pour out to you for all you helped me with.The magic is connecting us like family.Please keep sending blogs on anything you wish to share.I’t paying off in ways that you cannot imagine. I’m alway thankful for practising and improving. I honor my teacher Thank You
    Sincerely Your Loving Friend Kenneth

    January 21st, 2008 | #

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