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I’ve discussed the elements previously in these messages, but the elementals are a different manner. Elementals are mystical creatures that live within the spirit realm of the elements. They are related to nature spirits, the spirits that govern all nature. These spirits are the forces of life that can be summoned upon to assist in the working of magick. Its important to understand who they are and what they represent.

After your circle is cast and the elements are invited in, you can ask specific elementals to enter to help with your rite or ritual. They can be invited to participate based on their appropriateness for your spell. Special care must be taken when calling upon elementals, believe me! They are not always as helpful as they should be and tend toward the mischievous.

Gnomes are the beings associated with the element of Earth. Gnomes possess a vibratory rate that makes them invisible to us humans, however the gnomes are still vibrationally close enough for us to interact with them. Their actions are present in the mineral deposits, erosion or rocks and the formation of crystals.

In legend, Gnomes were the protectors of secret treasures that were concealed in vast caverns beneath the earth. They are not naturally inclined to help humans, but if a person wins their confidence they can be powerful allies. It is dangerous to deceive the gnomes or misuse their aid. Gnomes can bestow confidence, steadfastness and endurance. They can also bring about gloom and despair.

Gnomes are the most substantial of all of the elementals because they live in the earth. They dwell in holes, mines and caverns. They are close to humans in personality, with all of our good and bad points reflected in their behavior. Its best to call upon gnomes to help with money issues, stability and growth.

The Sylphs are the Air elementals. Evidence of them can be seen in the gathering clouds, the formation of delicate snowflakes and the growth of all plants. They are spirits of the wind, and appear in many of the Greek myths. Sylphs are the highest vibration of all of the elementals and pass very easily between the dimensions.

Traditionally, Sylphs reside on mountaintops. They are associated with the activity of the mind. Their influence can inspire humans, and it is said that they often gather around artistic types to give knowledge and guidance. They appear to us as fairies and are clever and intelligent. Sylphs are also aloof and detached. They look at us with distanced admiration.

Undines are associated with the element of Water. In ancient legends, they appeared as water nymphs and mermaids. Their domain is in springs, streams and wells, as well as any body of water. Undines have a powerful effect over our emotional well being. The Undines play an important part in the vitality of all liquids’they influence plant growth, animal life and humans as well.

Undines are sensual and graceful in their movements and have very strong emotions. Of all of the elementals, Undines are the most secretive and seductive. They are most helpful in dealing with emotional issues, particularly those involved with love, friendship and desire.

Finally, we come to the Fire elemental’the salamander. Salamanders were the first elementals to befriend humans and they taught our ancestors how to make fire. They move about most freely at night, and appear as balls of light drifting over the water.

Salamanders are linked to the activity of our bodies, and help to regulate our body temperatures. They also influence our temperament, and result in a person being called “hot-headed.” Most often they appear to us as small lizard-like flames.

They are quick in movement, explosive and very bright. They are also unstable emotionally, and more concerned with will and passion than subjective feelings. As a result, they can be forceful and highly opinionated. Salamanders are helpful in situations that require the exercise of willpower, conflicts and courage. Keep in mind that you should use salamanders at your own risk!

Brightest Blessing,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. kenneth says

    Dear Rose
    thank you for your writing on gnomes sylphs and salamanders. It is good to know what they represent.Thanks again

    Your loving friend kenneth

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