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Mars is a tough planet to get along with sometimes. It (and the Roman God it is named after) have typically been associated with war, anger and strife. However, it’s much more than that. Just as people have different sides to them, so does Mars. It’s the opposite of Venus, so the lovey-dovey peaceful energy is out the window when it comes to Mars. Mars is much more aggressive, but not necessarily destructive. Think of it as more about willpower than war, and you’ll start to see how working with Mars can be effective in your magickal practice and your life.

Mars wants to make things happen so it’s very helpful when you need a spell with a lot of energy and “tooth” to it. Will energy is important in magick because it helps create the results that you want. When you practice a ritual or a spell, you’re putting your will power out there to change and bend the energy that exists in the universe. In order for magick to take place, you have to use your willpower.

It’s easy to see why Mars is associated with anger. Anger is will power that has been amplified to a high degree. It’s will power and frustration balled up into one. However, if you work at using Mars in a positive way you’ll begin to see that Mars has power that leads to victory.

Any ritual can be connected to Mars by adding some special elements to give it extra power. Mars has many herbs that are associated with it but some of the most common are allspice, blackberry, cayenne, dragon’s blood, garlic, hemlock, mandrake, rue, blessed thistle and wormwood. Adding these herbs in with your other ritual items will add the will power energy of mars. You can also connect with Mars by doing your ritual on Tuesday. Adding the color red to your ritual will do the same thing.

I’ll include a spell dealing directly with asserting yourself in a very Mars like fashion at the end of this post, but first I’d like to share with you a ritual that will help you connect with Mars energy. For this ritual you’ll need a red candle and a pin. Annoint the candle with some all purpose spell oil, or some garlic (also associated with Mars). On the candle, with the pin, trace the symbol for Mars. This symbol is a circle with an arrow pointing upward and to the right. It is the symbol for male in modern times.

Light a Mars related incense, like Dragon’s Blood, and then focus your energy on the candle. As you focus, ask the God Mars to give you a vision of how you should be using your willpower. Close your eyes and then allow your mind to receive whatever images are there. As you sit in silence, let your inner will be guided by the images that you see. The interpretation of those images is entirely up to you. If you and I saw the same thing, we’d interpret it differently because of our different life paths and destinies.

The following spell can be used to increase your confidence and your will power. It’s helpful to do this spell during the full moon, so you can draw on the energy of the moon. For this spell, you’ll also need to know the astrological sign that Mars is in at this point. You can look up that information by finding an ephemeris online. Take note of the sign that Mars is in, and make sure to find the symbol for the sign. You’ll need that symbol to inscribe in your candle.

You’ll need a red candle dressed with Dragon’s Blood oil, or another appropriate Mars related oil. You’ll also need a shell. The color or type of shell doesn’t matter but it should be one that appeals to you in some way.

After grounding and centering like you normally would, spend a few minutes concentrating on the situation that you would like to use your newfound confidence and will power in. Picture yourself standing up to someone you’d previously been afraid of, or asking your boss for a raise with confidence. Whatever situation speaks to you, clearly picture it in your mind and hold the feeling of confidence in your heart.

Light the red candle, and hold it in your right hand. Repeat the following words:

Please give me the power to be confident.
Allow me to be the best that I can be.

Pass the shell through the flame and say the following:

May this by my lucky charm
To remind me to be powerful, and do others no harm

Kiss the shell and then pass it through the flame, and say the following:

May the power of Mars, and the energy of (the astrological sign)
Grant me what I need
I leave this space a confident person, free to use my will as I see fit.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm And Caring, “Resident Witch In Charge”

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    Just making me comfortable and confidant in this millieu helps me get more out of your information. Feels good thank you, nzo

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