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The reason this piece is called “relearning” to read auras is because I believe we were all have the ability to read auras in childhood. You may have lost it along the way or retained it partially. Whatever your level of experience with aura reading, it’s completely possible to relearn and retain this skill.

As I mentioned in the last post, auras are a representation of our spirit and inner life. You can strengthen you aura by spending more time in meditation and doing other spiritual work. When you do these things, your aura will brighten and intensify. If you want to learn to read auras, I suggest that you do these things on a regular basis. Since you’re going to be practicing on yourself first you need to make your aura as bright as possible.

Relearning to read auras may take a little work. When I was first starting out, it helped me to imagine that I already had the ability to do this. It lessened my “struggle” to see auras and I found the ability to see them came much faster when I just let go and allow them to be seen, if this makes sense. Auras are not figments of your imagination. Since they already exist, you don’t need to create them. Relax a bit during these exercises and you’ll find that it comes to you more easily.

Speaking of the exercises, let’s dive right in to your relearning. To start, you’ll be looking at the energy surrounding your own hand. Place your hand on a white piece of paper or a brown paper bag. Pay attention to the edges of your hand against the neutral background. It can sometimes help to have a set of color crayons or colored pencils handy. As you see the interplay of colors, sketch them out in color on the paper. Go with what your instincts tell you. If you think you see a specific color, then use that color.

Your aura will fluctuate within the field around your hand. Although people often say their aura is “orange,” “green” or a variety of other colors, what they are actually describing is the dominant color in the auric field. Everyone has every auric color within their field. Certain colors tend to dominant based on the person or objects feelings or state of spirit.

Once you feel comfortable with seeing the energy around your own hand, move on to other subjects. You can use plants, animals or other people. If you’re using a human, concentrate on the area around their crown chakra (their head) for the most intense concentration of auric energy. Just like you did with your own hand, you can take a sketch of the aura using color crayons or colored pencils. Simply draw an outline of the person, animal or plant and sketch in the colors of the aura around the figure. It’s helpful if they are standing in front of a blank canvas, like a white wall.

As you begin to see the color patterns, just let the process happen naturally. Don’t overthink it or try to analyze what you are seeing at this point in time. Simply take down the “notes” with your crayons or pencils, and analyze later. Take note of which colors are dominant, which are missing and if any seem to pulse together.

Once you’ve taken your notes, it’s time to start figuring out what is going on with a person’s aura. The following guide will help you interpret the colors that you see.

Red – Energy, activity
Red/Orange – Physical activity
Orange – Thought, mental energy (communication)
Orange/Yellow – Happiness, social activity
Yellow – Speech
Yellow/Green – Sickness, Healing Activity
Green – Health, Creativity
Green/Blue – Nurturing, Caring
Blue – Devotion, Love
Blue/Purple – Learning, Spirituality
Purple – Wisdom
Purple/Red – Accident, Danger, Abrupt Change

In addition to these colors on the color spectrum, you may also see the following colors:

Clear – advanced spirituality, spirit guides
White – experiencing the influence of spiritual beings, receiving and giving guidance
Grey – under the influence of lesser spirituality, caught up in bureaucracy
Black – presenting a harm to other beings, domination
Brown – confusion, opposition, conflict

Reading auras and taking sketches of auric colors can help you understand yourself and those around you. Once you’ve mastered the skill of tuning into the auric fields, you can also practice a type of “aura therapy” where you cleanse and brighten the auras of those around you.

After taking the initial sketch of a person’s aura and noticing areas of trouble (purple/red, yellow/green, brown, black or grey), you can complete a second sketch. This time replace the troubling areas with pure green color. As you do this, visualize your crayon or pencil magickally erasing the dark auric colors and replacing them with health and vitality. While you’re completing this exercise, have your subject close their eyes and concentrate on the same thing. After you’re complete, you’ll find that they will feel refreshed and renewed.

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  1. casey says

    Im rather new, and this is something i always wanted to do.. or maybe im putting this to lightly. i feel that in my heart, that im suppost to be wiccan, helping people and me. And auras are helpful.. to put it in a bland way. Let me just say, that this is very helpful to me! Thanks so much~

    November 26th, 2010 | #

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