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Dear Friends,

In the last message, I spoke of working with familiars and how it is important to use astral familiars when it comes to magickal work. Although you may, like I do, have many dear physical animal familiars in your living space, they aren’t as reliable as astral familiars.

There is a definite method to contacting your astral familiars, but once you complete this preliminary work, you’ll be able to contact them very quickly and easily in the future. If you need to review the first steps of the astral familiar meditation, go back to the previous entry. At this point, you’ve connected with your astral familiar in your meditation visualization. It should be noted that you may see several animals during your meditation. If they present themselves to you, then they have something to teach you.

As a creature approaches you from the wilderness, feel free to communicate to it. Since you’re working within the spiritual realm you can send and receive messages with the animals very easily. Keep in mind that most of this conversation will take place telepathically. Don’t expect to suddenly see a deer moving it’s lips to move, for example.

Ask the creature why it’s presented itself to you. If you ask it directly, it can offer insight into why it’s presenting itself to you. It may be a familiar, or it may not. In some cases, a creature will present itself to you simply because you need to incorporate some of its characteristics into your being. For example, if you need to have more freedom and see things from a higher plane, you may be contacted by a bird. Asking the creatures why they are there will help you pinpoint exactly which are your familiars and which are simply sign posts in your spiritual development.

Can you have more than one astral familiar? Most definitely! When it comes to the spiritual realm, there are not hard and fast rules about how things should be done. If you find yourself transported to three different locations and meeting three different animals who say they are your astral familiar, just go with it. There’s no reason why you can’t have several astral familiars if they present themselves to you in that way.

Once you’re done communicating with your astrals for the time being, make sure to step yourself gradually back out of the meditation. Thank the animals for their time and allow them to go. Dissolve the scenery around you until it is pure white, and then feel your energy coming back into your body. Make sure to ground yourself before you go on with your day.

At this time, it’s appropriate to write down a few notes about the animals that you encountered and what they communicated to you during the session. Writing down their messages immediately after you meditate is important in remembering what they had to say. If you aren’t sure about your astral familiars or feel uneasy about your first meditation, feel free to do more. In the astral plane you can communicate as much as you like with them and deepen your connection. In fact, I recommend that you deepen your connection as much as possible before you start to work with the animal on a magickal level.

You can connect with them by visiting on the astral plane often, and also by bringing them into your physical plane. This doesn’t mean that you should try to transfer your astral familiar into the physical world. You can invoke their presence in your physical world by placing images of them throughout your house. You can use paintings, figurines, drawings or simply pictures printed out from online to bring them into your space.

When it comes to working together, you can tap into the power of your astral familiar in many different ways. Once you’ve grown comfortable in its presence, you should make a representation of it a regular part of your altar. Incorporate it into your ritual work in this way first, and then call upon it during specific rituals. You can tap into the power of the animal depending on what type of magick you are doing. As soon as you discover your astral familiar, research the creature and find out what element it is mythologically connected to. For example, fish are (obviously) associated with water, birds with air, tortises with the earth, etc. Some animals are less obvious. Salamanders are associated with fire, for instance.

Once you know the element that the animal is associated with, you can ask it for help in the area that you are focusing on in your magick. Your bird astral familiar could help with spellwork associated with the power of air, etc. No matter whether you have one astral familiar or several, once you do the work to find them you’ll be happy that you did.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. Cressida says

    Rose, I have always been interested/connected with Tigers. I am pretty sure they are my astral animal, because I’ve had dreams about them and always think about them. Is it ok if I don’t do the meditating, because I know my astral animal would be a tiger?

    Also, what is the element tigers are associated with?


    November 11th, 2008 | #
  2. Cressidia says

    Rose, I am going to find pictures of Tigers and put them in my house!


    November 11th, 2008 | #
  3. Nicole Williams says

    Ive been looking for a pic of u so i can see ur eyes before i buy ur “Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft.” I know it might sound wierd, but i need to see ur eyes before i order it bc to me the eyes are the window to the soul and i want to see if i can get a feel for u.

    December 19th, 2008 | #

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