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Dear Friends,

Gossip is not limited to celebrities and gossip magazines. Depending on what social circles you swim in, gossip may be a slight annoyance or something will make or break you socially. While you can’t completely bind people because of free will, these spells will help you reduce or eliminate the impact that gossip has on your life.

A lot of people associate gossip with being in high school or being at a young age. I’m living proof that gossip can spread to other parts of your life. A few years ago (way past high school age) my personal reputation was being damaged by one of my former students. She was going through a lot of personal problems but they manifested as attacks toward me. I used the first of these spells to bind her speech and stop the negativity.

You can also use these spells to eliminate negative influences from your life. Gossip can take many, many forms and just because you don’t have someone talking about you behind your back, doesn’t mean their opinion of you isn’t effecting how they present you to others. I’ve seen this happen a lot in the workplace or social situations. Even though the speech and attitudes of the group wouldn’t qualify as out right gossip, they can still be harmful. If you feel like you’re being unfairly judged, these spells will work for you as well.

This first spell is similar to the binding charm that I’ve taught on this blog, but it’s specifically built for gossip, slander and negative talk. This is exactly what I used to stop the woman who was trying to wreck my reputation.

For this spell, you’ll need a piece of paper for each person who is gossiping (there could be more than one). If you have a large group of people, like your co-workers, just write down their name as a group: “Co-workers”

Take your piece of paper, fold it three times and place it inside a glass bottle that has been consecrated with pine oil, sandalwood oil or some other banishing oil blend. Fill the bottle half way up with water and then put it in the freezer. As you place to the bottle in, say the following:

I place your acid tongues in the freezer
I bring a halt to slander, gossip and lies.
For the good of all concerned, and the harming of none
So Mote it be!

Keep the bottle in the freezer as long as you feel that you need to. When you feel like the threat has passed (like you become friends with the gossiping people), you can remove it or you can keep it there indefinitely.

Another simple charm for dealing with gossip requires a piece of paper and a consecrated red pin. Cast your circle as you normally would and burn sandalwood incense. Draw a tongue sticking out of a mouth on the paper, with a knife going through the tongue. This is to symbolize the holding down of someone’s gossiping tongue. Underneath your drawn, write down the following phrase three times:

The gossip, lies and backstabbing stop now.

Take the piece of paper outside on the night of a New Moon and bury it. Take comfort in knowing that your troubles with the people who were gossiping have ended.

This next spell needs to be completed on a Monday night during a waning moon. You’ll need a black candle that has been dressed with a banishing oil or dragon’s blood oil. If you have a tarot card deck, you should include the ten of swords card on your altar. This symbolizes the end of thoughts and speech which makes way for a new type of thoughts and speech.

Cast your circle as you normally would, and then light the black candle with your left hand. Repeat the following nine times:

Let these fools be silenced,
May their babble be canceled
May peace be mine, now and evermore.

Complete this ritual at the same time every night for the next seven days. Each night, allow the candle to burn for 17 minutes, and the last night let it burn out completely. Once the candle has burned, you’ll find that your troubles are gone.

No matter which of these spells you use, remember that the true power is in your own hands. These charms and spells are reminders that when you take the power back in your life, you eliminate negativity coming at you. Once you do your charm, don’t give the gossipers any more of your energy and time. Consider the manner finished with and it will be. If you approach it this way, instead of worrying about whether or not the spell has worked, you’ll be taking power away from the situation and allowing it to completely diffuse.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. Lindsey ( SparrowHawk) says

    :razz:Rose I have used the freezing spell on many different kinds of things. Yes this is a great way to stop harm in any form. I hope others use it but not to harm any. Be blessed and I love your post. Lindsey (SparrowHawk)medicine name.

    February 26th, 2009 | #

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