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Every time I see another ad on television for another sleep medication, I have to laugh to myself. If only all of these people on prescription medications would try some of the following spells, they may find themselves sleeping easily without all of the harmful side effects. This post is a collection of the sleeping spells that I’ve found most helpful. A lot of these spells are similar to aromatherapy and with good reason! A lot of aromatherapy and other herbal practices are based on the knowledge that witches obtained throughout the centuries. Understanding herbal magick is an important part of witchcraft and these herbal spells will help you sleep.

Insomnia is a major problem that can either be chronic, or it can crop up from time to time. I know that anytime I am under a lot of stress I’m not able to sleep and I’ll do the following spell in order to get my mind sleepy and be able to relax. You’ll need a large square of cheesecloth, folded twice, as well as oats, chamomile flowers and mandrake. You need to wrap handfuls of uncooked oats, dried chamomile flowers and a pinch of mandrake into a square cheesecloth. Filter hot water through the cheesecloth package. Light some incense that is relaxing, like lavender or vanilla.

Breath the aromas deeply into your lungs and place the cheesecloth package over your eyes for a few minutes. Make sure not to fall asleep with the package on your eyes since it will get rather sticky overnight. After you relax with the pack on your eyes for a while, remove it and then visualize a field of chamomile flowers spreading out before. Feel yourself drawn to the field and lie down. Breathe deeply and then imagine yourself falling asleep in the field of flowers. You’ll be asleep in no time.

If you have no problem falling asleep, but have trouble staying asleep, you can try this spell. Before you go to bed, fill the sink with warm water and then add five to ten drops of lavender oil. Splash this water on your face, on the back of your neck, your wrists, elbows, knees and ankles. These are your pulse points. This will help you stay asleep longer and sleep more deeply.

You can also use lavender with a sachet under your pillow. As you place the lavender sachet underneath your pillow, say the following:

Peace be mine
In this sleeping time
Dreams be sweet
Allow me to sleep.

The following spell is a more traditional type of spell that you can use to ensure deep sleep. You’ll just need a white candle. Take it into your bedroom and light it after casting a circle of protection. Walk counterclockwise around your bedroom three times. As you do this, concentrate on restful and calming thoughts.

Then walk clockwise three times in silence around your bedroom. Meditate on some positive, restful sleep images while you do this. Finally, stand at the foot of your bed and whisper “sleep” before blowing out the candle.

You don’t need to do this spell in it’s entirety each and every night. After the first night, you can simply light the candle and whisper “sleep” before blowing it out. When the original candle is completely used, do the entire ritual again with a new candle.

Sometimes it’s not the act of sleeping that people find difficult, it’s the dreams. Being plagued by nightmares and disturbing dreams each night is definitely troublesome. I’ve found that nightmares are normally a way for your subconscious mind to deal with issues that you’re having trouble with in real life. Even though they represent real fears, they certainly aren’t pleasant to go through. If you use the following spells, make sure to try to identify the reason you are having nightmares and deal with those issues in your waking life. If you do this in addition to the spells, you’ll eliminate your nightmares completely.

These spells are also appropriate to use with children. Since children definitely can’t analyze and deal with their dreams the way adults can, it’s important to give them tools to empower themselves to eliminate nightmares. Both of these spells can be very empowering for children and give them a sense of control over their dreams.

The first spell requires you to get a little pillow case (a child’s size will do, or you can create a little pocket from some breathable fabric). Fill the pillow case with anise seeds, dragon’s blood and lavender. Trace out a pentacle with your finger and repeat the following three times:

Mare, Goddess of Dreams
Make mine sweet, calm and easy.

Mare (MAH-re) is the Celtic Goddess of dreams. Place the pillow case under neath your pillow when you go to sleep.

Another helpful nightmare reducing spell requires a small carved figure of a bear. Place the bear underneath your pillow (after consecrating it with some lavender oil) and then repeat the following three times:

Bear of great wisdom,
Take away the Nightmare madness
And bring deep slumber in it’s place

Make sure the bear is smallish so you won’t be disturbed during the night. If you’re doing this spell for a child, you could even use a small teddy bear.

Hopefully these spells will help you rest easily!

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. LINDA says


    June 21st, 2009 | #
  2. lynsey says

    thanks for that but i really need help for my boyfriend who is 44 and born 9/7/1966. He keeps having recurring dreams of ‘The Hood’, who is trying to drag him somwhere and it got really bad today where he didnt want to go to sleep so i had to stay with him, he also has depression but takin no medicine for it and he has trouble getting to sleep and stayin asleep , i have tried a sleep pillow and it didnt work?

    February 27th, 2011 | #
  3. tiffany says

    I am a beginner. I seek answers and feel at home in the way. I am aer and come aer lineage. I like your page. Blessed be.

    February 16th, 2012 | #

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