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In the last post, I lead you through “story” of the suit of wands. You were able to see how the energy of wands (action) was transformed through the different stages of the suit. In this post, you’ll see how the energy of cups does the same thing.

Cups, sometimes referred to as chalices and hearts in certain decks, represent emotion and love. You’ll find that spreads with a lot of cups in them often deal with creativity and matters of the heart. Cups are emotional at all levels. Here’s how they transform through the different numbers in the suit.

Ace/One – This is the beginning of a new love. Whether it’s a romantic love, friendly love or love in the form of creativity depends on the situation and the other cards in the spread. You may not have met your new love, or started a new painting, but you are definitely inspired to do so. It’s as if you’ve lifted the cup of love but have not yet drank.

Two – This card, in my deck, depicts two people gazing into each other’s eyes. Other decks normally display a similar pairing. If this card is drawn, a new love has begun or the you’ve found someone or something that you can bond with on an emotional level. It’s the start of an important partnership and is a very positive card. You’ve moving into a new phase, beyond the inspiration for love and creativity. You’re starting to find it reflected in your life in the form or a person or a creative activity.

Three – This card is also a very positive card. It is the addition of another element of creativity and love into your world. It’s a celebratory card and represents creativity. When you add two together, you get a third. Your creative work may have start to come into fruition, or you’re overflowing with love and joy. There’s so much good feeling to be spread around it also represents parties, weddings and birthdays.

Four – Three was overflowing and abundant, but four is stagnation and stillness. It represents a stagnation in your relationship or creativity. The inspiration you felt at one point is no longer enough to keep you going. You’re wondering if this person or project is what you should really be doing. This card is the point in relationships where a person’s eye will start to wander, wondering what else is out there for them to grasp. This card can also represent overindulgence in an attempt to find pleasure.

Five – In this card, you may be a little lost and disappointed that everything is not turning out the way that you wanted it to. Following the four of cups, it’s representative of what happens when you go out looking for more pleasure and inspiration. It’s a card of regret. You’ve lost your initial inspiration but you don’t see that the seeds of the relationship or project are still there. The lesson in this card is to open your eyes and see what you have. You can get over this time but only if you stop wallowing in self-pity.

Six – This is the nostalgia card. It’s a reminder to stop and remember the small things that mattered long ago. An old friend, a photo, a project you were working on in the past…..all these things can evoke powerful emotions. This card coming up in a reading is an indicator that you need to look to the past to gain inspiration and balance. When you’re feeling off center, this card is a gentle reminder that the past holds the tools to get you back on course.

Seven – This is the card of hopes and dreams. As you move from feeling stagnant, regretful and then reminiscing, you start to see the possibilities for the future. You see a wonderful relationship, a rich and creative life….and you can’t decide what to do next! You’re so caught up in the wonderment of the future that you completely lose touch with the decisions that you should be making. You’re overwhelmed by choices. In order to gain control, you need to take your time making a decision on the next right step. Don’t rely on intuition alone.

Eight – After making a decision, you’ll suddenly feel like you need to leave the old behind and move on to a brand new future. In this card, in most desks, a figure walks away from eight cups and is off to look for new treasure. The present isn’t what you’d hoped for so it’s time to let go of your old emotional baggage and look for a better future.

Nine – This is one of the most famous images of the tarot. A man sits with nine cups surrounding him. Although this is often considered to be a card of pregnancy, it’s also a card of wishes and wish fulfillment. Everything is better under the influence of this card. Relationships are loving and whole, creativity is at an all time high and spirits are high. Enjoy!

Ten – As you’d expect, the apex of the spirit of the sign of Cups is happiness and joy. It’s a card of family, togetherness and emotional fulfillment. It’s a reminder that no matter how difficult the journey is, when you are living with a full cup of life the destination is happiness.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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