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Dear Friends,

We cleanse our bodies, and we cleanse our homes. But how often do we think of cleansing our Magick working tools? Certainly we cleanse and consecrate them before using them, but many times we neglect to think about cleansing them regularly to keep them strong and powerful. I myself have been guilty of it, but fortunately it is a practice that I have managed to make a habit.

Think about how your body feels after working very hard. You become tired, worn out and simply physically drained. Our Magick working tools can become the same way if they are not cleansed and rejuvenated with regular use. After some time you may notice that your spells and rituals are not as effective or powerful as they use to be. Many times, this is because your Magick tools have become clouded and need to be recharged.

Over the years I have developed a routine for making sure that my Magick working tools stay cleansed and charged with positive energy. I do this by using the same routine I use for cleansing my home to also keep it cleansed and charged with that same positive and beneficial energy. As the seasons change four times a year, so does my home get cleansed and recharged. Now don’t get me wrong, my home gets a good cleaning more than just four times a year! But in this case, I’m talking about an energy cleansing that removes negatives energies and restores a smooth and positive flow of power through the home.

When the seasons change, not only do I break out my cleansing supplies to clean the home, but I break out my Magick tools for a good cleansing as well. By establishing this habit, I have made sure that both my home and my Magick working tools remain pure, powerful and positive. For me personally, the two activities go hand in hand and help to keep my spells and rituals successful. While I do perform as many rituals outdoors as possible, now and again I find the need to perform a ritual inside the house. If the house is not properly cleansed and filled with positive energy, the spell may not be as effective. The same can be said for using tools for Magick that have not been cleansed.

There are many ways that one can go about cleansing their Magick working tools. I myself often use a variety of different methods for the various tools I have since I have found that some cleansing methods work best on certain tools than others. For instance, tools that I use for divining I cleanse with running water, because water is connected with psychic ability. Tools that are from the Earth such as crystals, wooden wands, etc., are cleansed with Earth by being buried and allowing the Earth to take back any negative energy that has become stored within. Other methods that can be used for cleansing your Magick tools include smudging them, or submersing them in sea salt. If nothing else, placing your Magick tools into the sun for a few hours will also help to cleanse them and restore their power.

Here are the various methods for cleansing your Magick working tools, and how you should use them.

Burying in the Earth

To cleanse your tools by burying them, you simply need to dig a hole in clean soil and place your tools in the hole. Recover with the dirt. Make sure the tools are in a location that is safe and will be undisturbed. Leave the tools in the dirt overnight. Remove them, and using a clean rag wipe any dirt from the tools.


Lay the tools on a clean alter cloth. Using herbal smoke or incense that works well for cleansing, like lavender or patchouli, smudge the tool with the smoke for at least 5-10 minutes.

Purifying with Sea Salt

Fill a bowl or other container that is large enough to hold your tool with sea salt. Place the tools inside, and cover them completely with the salt. Leave the tools in the salt overnight. In the morning, remove the tools and discard the salt by burying it in the Earth, or pouring it into running water.

With Running Water

Cleansing your tools with running water works best if you use a natural source of water like a stream or river. I make due with cleansing my tools in a small brook that is close to my home. Using a water faucet will suffice, but will not be as effective because of the chemicals that are found in most tap water. If nothing else, purchase a bottle of purified water to pour over the tool. Make sure that you have a firm grip on the tool, and place it into the flow of the water. Allow the water to wash over the entire tool, to thoroughly cleanse away negative energies.

Remember, if nothing else you can place your Magick tools into the sun and cleanse them that way as well. Just lay the tools on a clean alter cloth in the sun for a few hours, making sure that they are in a safe place where they will not be disturbed. By practicing these cleansing methods on your Magick tools a few times a year, your tools will stay very powerful and help to keep your spells and rituals successful.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm and Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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