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Dear Friends,

It seems everywhere I turn these days, there is continual talk about the state of the economy. People are losing their jobs, losing their homes, and suffering a great deal of pain and anguish from their financial difficulties. It truly saddens me to see this occurring, and has had me thinking a great deal about prosperity.

Each person has a different definition of prosperity. For some, to prosper is to have an abundance of wealth. For others, prosperity is nothing more than having their needs met. I myself am one of the latter, believing that as long as my daily needs are met, I am prosperous. Of course, there are many other views on prosperity as well, but in this particular case I am merely speaking on financial prosperity.

For the average person right now, finances seem to be tough. Many of my friends, family members and even general acquaintances have made some reference to being low on funds, worrying about how they are going to pay the bills and put food on the table, or wondering if the job they have is secure in the current economy. My heart aches for every single one of them, just as it aches for any of you that may be experiencing the same thing.

While I often suffer from delusions of grandeur where I believe that I can personally save the world, the realist in me understands that sometimes my hands are tied and there is not much that I can do. Fortunately, for this particular circumstance, there is one thing I can do and that is share with you all a Prosperity Spell that has proven to be successful for many that perform it.

Now before you go rushing out to get the necessary supplies to perform this spell with visions of money raining down upon you and putting an end to all of your financial worries, please keep in mind that this spell is not meant to make you rich and take all of your worries away. Instead, this spell is meant more to provide for you the things that you need as a means to help you prosper. Whether this is having a bill that is suddenly paid without you knowing just how it got paid, or whether it is merely you finding a few bucks while you are walking down the street, it is purely a means to help with financial prosperity. Not a spell to make you rich.

To perform this spell, you will need to gather 1 gold candle, 6 green candles, 9 white candles, pure salt, and pine oil. The spell should be performed during the waxing moon phase, from new moon to full moon. Just as the moon “increases” during this phase, so do you want your prosperity to increase. Performing the spell during the waning moon phase can have a negative effect on the spell, and cause your prosperity to decrease just as the moon decreases.

Anoint all of the candles in the pine oil. For added strength to the spell, you may wish to carve prosperity symbols into the candles as well. In the center of your altar or working space, place the gold candle, with the green candles surrounding it in a circle. Then circle the green candles with the white candles. Using the salt, trace a circle around the white candles, pouring the salt in a sunwise (deosil or clockwise) direction.

Focus on what your financial needs are. Focus on your prosperity. Starting with the gold candle, begin to light your candles from the inside to the out. Make sure that you light the rings of candles in a sunwise direction. Once the candles have been lit, slowly circle the candles sunwise three times. During each circuit of the candles, say “Orbiting Jupiter round the sun, bring money to me with harm to none.”

Once you have completed your three circuits, sit and meditate for a few moments on your financial needs and prosperity again. To finish the spell, snuff out the candles, this time working widdershins (counter-clockwise) until all candles are out.

And that is all there is to it. Within no time at all, you should begin to see improvements in your prosperity. Just remember, performing the spell won’t make you rich, but it will help to make sure that your needs are met and help you to prosper. I hope that you have much success with it, and that it helps you through any financial difficulties you may be experiencing during these tough economic times.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm and Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. Jillian Stewart says

    Dear Rose,
    I am desperate to try this spell not for myself but for my boyfriend. We are both like you and completely happy as long as we have the simple things we need each day. But 9 months ago my boyfriend of 2 months (forever together now we both think) split from his wife, got divorced, lost an amazing job as Scotland is in bad shape just now, left his ex wife with a very expensive house, mostly paid by him, had to rent a tiny very expensive flat after finding an extremely heavy work minimum paid job. He is left with a loan, a hugely overdrawn bank account and credit card as well as his over priced rent! I bow down to him for how hard he works and worship the ground he walks on! So anything i can do to help him, I’ll more than gladly do! I just hope i can do the spell well so i can ease his pressure even a little. He doesn’t like me helping him out but i never take no for an answer! Thank you for sharing this spell with all who follow your wise words.
    Warmest Blessings, Gabby (my nickname):-(

    July 29th, 2009 | #

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