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Dear Friends,

Many times when a person comes to me with complaints of feeling ill or off balance, I ask if they regularly cleanse and recharge their chakras. Chakras are an essential part of our being, as they are the energy hubs that reside within our body. When proper care is not taken to cleanse and rebalance the chakras for energy flow, our well being can drastically suffer.

There are seven chakras that reside within our body, with an eighth chakra that surrounds us. Each chakra has both physical and spiritual attributes, so if they become imbalanced it affects not only our physical being, but our mental and spiritual being as well.

The Seven Chakras

There are seven chakras that run the length of our body, starting at our head, or crown, and running down to our reproductive areas. The following is a list of these seven chakras, and what physical and spiritual attributes they represent.

The Crown Chakra

The Crown chakra is located at the top of the head. This chakra represents the brain, which we all know is the control center of our body. The Crown chakra also represents intuition, awareness and spirituality.

The Brow Chakra

The Brow chakra, often referred to as the “Third Eye” represents the body’s pituitary gland which his essential for proper hormone function. The Brow chakra also represents intuition, aids in proper meditation and assists with telepathy.

The Throat Chakra

The Throat chakra also assists with hormone function, as it is representative of the thyroid gland. This chakra additionally represents energy and endurance in the spiritual and mental realm.

The Heart Chakra

Physical attributes of the Heart chakra include of course the heart, as well as the lungs. Both of these organs are absolutely essential for life and health, making this an extremely important chakra. The Heart chakra provides us with attributes that are key to life, such as compassion, respect and love. The elemental sign for the Heart is air.

The Navel Chakra

The Navel chakra is associated with your adrenal glands, which control the usage of adrenaline in your body. The Navel chakra is also associated with the storage of your life force and your own personal power. The elemental sign of the Navel chakra is fire.

The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral chakra is associated with your kidneys. Understandably, the elemental symbol of the Sacral chakra is water, which makes sense since the kidneys process fluids through the body. The Sacral chakra is also responsible for sexual energy.

The Root Chakra

The Root chakra is associated with the reproductive organs and the production of sexual hormones. The Root chakra is connected to all of the lower limbs of the body. It’s elemental sign is Earth.

The Eighth Chakra

The Eighth chakra which is not often discussed is the Aura. This chakra surrounds our entire body and helps to tie the rest of the chakras together. While not often considered, it is a very important chakra and disturbances in the aura can be a key indicator that the rest of your chakras are imbalanced.

The chakras are the energy centers of your body. If they become imbalanced and blocked, the proper flow of energy is blocked, which can result in a variety of problems like fatigue, illness or worse. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to help stimulate and cleanse your chakras that are very easy to perform.

I urge you to spend some time learning about the chakras and their importance to our body so that you can better understand why it is essential to your body, mind and spirit to help ensure your energy flow through these points remains fluid. Next week, I will discuss some of the different methods that can be used to stimulate and open the chakras which you will easily be able to perform on your own.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm and Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. Dear Rose

    Thank you for the information on the chakras and its’ important usage for our lives. I believe they takes a big part in our magickal abilities. Thanks again.

    December 4th, 2009 | #
  2. marie-christine says

    It’s good to know about this, recently I was reading something about the chakras and the color, I do have to learn more about this, because I believe that it’s quite important for helping us with many others things. Thanks for always bring to us new elements to improve ourself. :)

    December 4th, 2009 | #
  3. Miles says

    Merry Meetings Rose,
    I have recently begun my studies in Wicca and Witchcraft, and believe it could be a new path for me to take in life. I stumbled upon your website and found it very interesting. I would have emailed you directly and say what a good job your doing helping people, but maybe you will find it here all the same. You do not seem like your trying to make a quick dollar off people trying to learn like so many other website, but have a genuine interest in helping people and guiding them on their path. I have bookmarked your website and I am positive that it will come in handy for me if i ever find myself stumped or at a crossroads. I have a long road ahead of me, but if there are other people out there as helpful as you are, i am sure that i will have no problems.

    I would recommend your website for anyone and everyone.

    Keep up the good work and the interesting and informative articles!

    -Miles- 19 – Illinois

    December 8th, 2009 | #

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