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Dear Friends,

Last week I talked about how to break a spell that you yourself have cast. While very effective at it’s job, that spell will have no impact on breaking a spell or curse that has been placed upon you by another. While it would be nice to believe that our fellow practitioners of the craft are all benign and all follow the Wiccan rede of harming none, sadly that is not a reality. There are those out there that follow a darker path and will have no qualms with placing a curse upon you if you are not within their favor.

Sometimes you may know the person has put a curse on you because they have told you so. Other times, you may not know for certain but have a feeling of such because of the way things are happening in your life. In either case, there is a spell that you can cast yourself which will help to break a curse that has been placed upon you, and it is a very good spell to familiarize yourself with.

This particular spell is an uncrossing spell that will work to break the curse. You will need to gather a few tools first to perform the spell which include fresh or dried St. John’s Wort, white sage and dragons blood resin powder. You will also need your athame, one white candle, one black candle, a bowl of salt, a bowl of water, a sachet to put your herbs in and one whole ripe lemon.

Cast your circle and light the candles. Holding the lemon in your hands, focus on the lemon drawing the curse away from you. Dip your athame into the bowl of water and then use the athame to slice the lemon into three separate pieces. Hold the three pieces of lemon in your hands, and once again focus on the lemon drawing the curse away and absorbing it into the pulp of the fruit. Repeat the following three times:

Let this lemon do it’s task
Remove this curse is what I ask
Remove from me this dark despair
As this lemon dries in the air

Remove his/her spell, I break this curse
I wish no harm, no spell reverse
Do not return this spell of pain
My only intent is to be free again.

Dip each slice of lemon into the salt so that it is completely coated. Set the coated slices onto a glass or ceramic plate to leave upon the altar. Place the herbs into the sachet, and tie securely closed. Your spell is now complete, and you can give thanks and remove the circle.

The slices of lemon need to be left upon your altar until they completely dry out. If they begin to rot, you need to repeat the entire spell and try again as the lemon was not able to absorb the curse. During the time which the lemon is drying, keep the sachet of herbs with you at all time for protection from the curse. Once the lemon is completely dried out, you can throw the lemon away or bury it, and stop carrying the sachet with you as the curse has been removed.

This is a very handy spell to have around, though I sincerely hope it is one that none of you ever need to use. Having a curse put upon you is not a pleasant thing and it is something I hope that none of you ever have to deal with.

There are other spells that can be used to break a curse that someone has put upon you, but you must be careful with such spells. Some spells are used to break a curse, others are used to reverse a curse. You never want to perform a spell that reverses the curse back upon the person, as that can cause harm to come to them. Even though the individual was malicious in their intent to harm you, that does not make it acceptable to break the rede and place harm back on them.

Remain true to yourself and the path you are on, and only perform a breaking spell. Though it can be a traumatic experience having a curse put upon you, and it may be a tempting thought to just reverse the curse and send it back, do not give in to the evil. Instead, break the curse that has been cast upon you, and perhaps perform a blessings spell for the lost one that needs to find the right path.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm and Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. Debi says

    Thank you for all of the sensible information you share with us, Rose. You’re the best!!!
    BB,Your Caring Resident Student :wink:

    March 18th, 2010 | #
  2. Martita says

    :smile:I do admire you and I desire to follow your steps
    in order to do that I am going to the public library and tried to order all the publications on the subject but it is not much we have a
    ignoranted public information in the subject.

    March 18th, 2010 | #
  3. Thank you rose for your words of wisdom. Sometimes it is hard to not want to harm the person that trying to harm you for no reason. but you have said the truth to not give in to becoming like them and remain faithfully on the right path. It makes a-lot of sense. I’m thankful to have you as my teacher.

    March 19th, 2010 | #
  4. Teresa says

    I have been practicing for over 25 years now and I get so irritated with teachers who claim that curses don’t exist. Your advice and teachings are practical and useable and I appreciate the effort you put into your site. Thanks for being such a good witch.

    March 19th, 2010 | #
  5. Marcia says

    My Dear Rose:
    I am so happy I found you. I have never done witchcraft but I have been unemployed for a couple of years and have a tremendous amount of debt, so I know I need help, things can not continue in my life the way they are.
    I have just done the spell with the 7 limes, felt good in doing it, felt lighter and also I did the one with the orange and made a very special wish. I am a good person, never wished nothing bad to anyone, the opposite, just helped people all my life but now I am the one that needs help. I will let you know if things change after doing these 2 spells that you gave me.
    You are the BEST and I have been trying to be very positive.

    March 19th, 2010 | #
  6. gaspy weiyang oh says

    so is means that after performing witchcraft, my life will be better and i will become more popular. how long should i try it and how long will the effect come.

    April 7th, 2010 | #
  7. gaspy weiyang oh says

    so is means that after performing witchcraft, my life will be better and i will become more popular. how long will the effect come.

    April 7th, 2010 | #
  8. Candace says

    You are very right Ms. Rose & it is nice seeing someone who believes in following the rede. Blessed Be

    May 21st, 2010 | #
  9. annoymus says

    My family and friends put curses hexes, and locks on me. I will offer 10% OF MY SALARY TO ANYONE WHO FINDS ME A JOB.

    to apply:

    Email me on: [email protected]

    $100 submission/handling fee

    December 9th, 2010 | #

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