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Dear Friends,

With the start of the Celtic New Year, I am beginning to think about “resolutions” or things that I would like to focus on in the coming months. I am also thinking about loved ones that I have lost.

In the past, there were many different rituals that the Celts practiced in order to honor the New Year. Hazel nuts were often used for the telling of fortunes and the future, but it was also a time to honor lost loved ones and reflect on the year that was. The Celts would sometimes place food and drink outside their doors and leave them open so that the dead could freely enter. To keep wandering evil spirits from inviting themselves in, they would carve up their turnips in the same way that we do our Jack-o-lanterns.

These days, if I were to leave any food or drink outside my door then it would more than likely be gobbled up by the animals instead of spirits, so I have to improvise.

Remembrance rituals are a great way to remember those whom you have lost and there’s really no better time to do so than at the start of the New Year. (Or, at the end of the old one, depending on how you look at it.)

You might have your own remembrance ritual that you like to use, but if you don’t or if you simply want to try something new then this is an easy one to try…

Around your altar candle, place some personal belongings of your loved one, or some of their favorite things if you don’t have anything that actually belonged to them. For a relative that I wanted to pay remembrance to I placed her glasses, a handkerchief that she once carried, and her photograph around the candle.

I also use a purple votive candle for spiritual contact and a white votive candle for purity. For added energy, I place 4 pieces of clear quartz crystal around the candles.

Sometimes, I use rosemary in this ritual because it’s a good remembrance herb and an all around good herb to use for protection. If I don’t have any rosemary on hand then I switch it out with lavender which is good for healing, protection, peace, calling in good spirits, and love. Plus, it smells nice. Basil can also be used since it can help bring strength to you if you are suffering.

I find it helpful to carve the name (or names, as it may be) of my loved one into the candle using a needle or a pin. I then anoint the candles from wick to end with rosemary oil and roll the candles in the herbs.

What you chant or say to yourself is up to you and should be personal. Using this time for meditation and focusing on positive memories are the goals in this ritual. I do my best to center my energy on positive thoughts and images and try to reflect on the joys that the person brought to my life.

Remember that it’s okay to cry and be sad. Although we don’t want our grief to hold our loved ones back, we still need to remember that sadness is a part of the grieving process and if we try to limit our feelings then we’re holding our own progress back as well.

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to try to focus more on the happiness that I shared with those who have passed on and not dwell on the things that were left unsaid or undone. With that being said, I am also going to try to do more and say more to those that are still here with me. So many times I catch myself mourning the loss of someone and forget that there are others still here that I could lose just as easily. Each day I am going to try to be more honest, forthcoming, and demonstrative to those people in my life that mean a lot to me.

I also plan on planting a better, and bigger, garden in the spring. With the economy still being shaky and our finances being affected like everyone else’s, we are trying to become more self-sufficient. I was pleased with the way the garden came out this year but next year I am going to try to make it just a little bit better.

I tell myself that I am going to take up sewing, too, but I’m afraid that is one resolution that I might not stick to. Although I can mend some things as long as they’re not too complicated and I can do it by hand, I always start out with great intentions when it comes to my sewing machine and then I give up when the thread gets tangled. And I still haven’t mastered the art of threading the bobbin; I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit.

Happy New Year to you and I hope that this year brings you good fortune and love.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm and Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. kenneth says

    Dear Rose

    Gardening is a wonderful idea to have because of the economy. I think about the love ones that pass in my family from time to time. I’m not a very good sewer either. I wish nothing but the best for you and your family as well as my family and all the students out their of the craft. Thank you for this blog of inspiration.

    November 15th, 2010 | #
  2. Marie-Christine says

    I agree with you Rose that gardening is a great activities and either because with the economy it’s becoming very practical and a wallet saver also. Same for myself and your student kenneth, sewing it’s not my best quality, last time I’ve use my sewing machine, it’s was almost a funny movie to watch for others, so I gave up, and do everything now by hands, at least I know how thoses ones works…:)
    I do also think about loves ones that had passed away,it’s hard sometimes not to feel blue about it, myself, but like you, I’m trying to focus also on hapiness. I’ll wish you either nothing but the best for you, your family and loves ones, and also all yours students either, dear Rose.
    Brigthest Blessings

    November 16th, 2010 | #
  3. Tere says

    I enjoy learning day by day more and more, thanks to you Rose!, I wish you and your loved ones the best life of all! Happy Yule!
    Thanks Again!!

    December 11th, 2010 | #

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