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Dear Friends,

Ahhhh…Winter is definitely here and is going to stay for some time. Back in the summertime when it was so hot and humid everyone was talking about how they couldn’t wait for cold weather to come back around again. Now that it’s cold, everyone is wishing for summer. We humans are rarely ever satisfied.

With the cold weather, however, comes one of my favorite rituals-the Yule Log ritual. While it is a simple ceremony, it’s one that the entire family can be part of and everyone has a good time while doing it.

To get started, you will need a Yule Log and a place to burn it in. I prefer to do the ritual outside, but there’s something nice and cozy about doing it indoors as well and you can enjoy it a little longer since you don’t have to worry about getting cold in the process.

Unlike some of the “props” that we use in our rituals and ceremonies, Yule Logs are generally pretty easy to buy. In fact, although I try not to advocate Wal-Mart and like to shop local, they do show up there if you don’t have any other options. Even non-Pagans sometimes like the Yule Log ceremony so their availability is pretty good.

If you get your Yule Log ahead of time then you might want to use it as a centerpiece on your dining room table or even coffee table in the days leading up to the ritual. This will lend it some of your family’s energy, which will make it even more powerful, and it’s a nice looking piece of wood to use for decorative purposes as well.

If you’re burning the wood outside, then you will want all members of your family forming a circle around it. However, if you are burning it in an indoor fireplace then it will have to be a semi-circle.

If you usually cast a circle then you should do it at the very beginning. For such a simple and open ceremony, however, you don’t necessarily have to do this. In fact, I usually don’t.
What I do is have each of my family members write something down on a piece of paper. (And sometimes I invite friends over to do this as well.) We each write down something that we want to see happen in the next year as well as something that we would like to say goodbye to from the previous year. Last year, for instance, I wanted to say goodbye to my impatience with some things that often threatens to keep me from feeling happy when I really should be.

Of course, my youngest child can’t really write yet so I do this bit. We then place the pieces of paper on top of the Yule Log and I light the fire. While the log is burning we sing songs, drink hot chocolate, and talk of the upcoming year and the year that has gone by.

After the log has burned down, I gather up some of the ashes and place them in a special box that I keep near my altar. I then scatter these ashes around our Yule Log at the next ceremony so that we can always have a part of who we were in each ceremony.

The great thing about a Yule Log ritual is that it’s very open to interpretation. Although some people will chant and recite poems or other mantras, some people simply make up their own words or don’t use words at all.

Some people don’t like to let their logs burn all the way down and instead save some of it for their next ceremony. While I like the idea of this, and indeed have even tried it myself, it’s not always a realistic choice. In fact, one year the log accidentally got tossed out and I felt an overwhelming sadness. The ashes are a little more convenient and I get to keep them in a nice looking box.

I wholly encourage you to start your own Yule Log ritual. While it’s a nice idea to learn about other people’s traditions and rituals, one of the best things that you can do is start your own. This will make the ritual much more personal to you and your family and you will find that you are able to tailor it to fit your own needs.

Don’t be afraid to expand on the ritual, allow your children to come up with their own ideas, and to invite non-Pagan friends and family to celebrate with you. The days might be longer and colder, but the positive energy that surrounds you is always growing.

I hope this Yuletide finds you warm and cozy and in the midst of those that you love.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm and Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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