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Dear friends,

One of the most sought after spells and rituals has to do with love: finding love, keeping love, and having a person return your love. Do these really work and are there any drawbacks to them?

Whether or not love spells actually work is debatable. I tend to lean on the “no” side as far as feelings go. I really don’t think you can make someone feel something that they do not. On the other hand, I do think that you can help a person out if they are on the fence, or create opportunities for the person to get to know you better and to see you when they previously couldn’t.

One of the biggest drawbacks in making a person try to love you is that eventually, they’re going to figure out what happened. Now, I don’t mean that they’re going to one day wake up and realize that you put a spell on them, but other things can happen.

For one thing, if you try to make someone love you by using spellwork, then they’re never really going to love you for you. They’re simply going to be infatuated with you due to reasons that they don’t understand. And that’s not really love.

So maybe you’re okay with that. Perhaps you imagine that as long as you have them in your life it doesn’t matter to you why they’re there. Well, that might be okay for awhile, but is that always going to be enough? And exactly how long can that spell last?

Eventually, the person that you put the spell on is going to get disillusioned and upset and might even come to resent you because they don’t understand why they’re with you. This can only lead to heartache and disaster.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t help things along from time to time.

If there is someone that you have your eye on but they don’t even seem to notice that you exist then you might want to try a simple spell that doesn’t necessarily make them love you, but does open up the lines of communication in order for them to get to know you better. That, in turn, might lead to love if the situation is right.

You might also do a ritual that creates the right atmosphere for love to find you. I remember when I was younger I really wanted someone to spend time with that I could love. I meditated on it and thought about it and really tried to put myself out there. It just wasn’t happening, however. Finally, I did a ritual that opened my heart up to love and friendship. Within a couple of weeks I had met someone.

Sometimes, the spells that you do on yourself are far more powerful than the ones that you can do on other people.

Keep in mind, too, that sometimes love spells can backfire. You might try to make someone love you who turns out to be a real frog. And then where will you be? You’ll be stuck with a lovelorn fool who doesn’t even understand why they are in love with you in the first place.

I think about times when I was very young and how I would be so in love with one person and think that if I could just have them my life would be perfect. Had there been a magic potion to buy, I would have bought a caseload. Now, I look back on those people and I thank the stars that I chose a different path. (Or that they chose one.) Sometimes, what we want isn’t necessarily what we need and it’s really difficult to tell that when we’re actually in the situation.

Binding spells, which are really a kind of love spell, can be very, very tricky. Binding someone to you for any reason almost never has the effects that we think they’re going to have. As a matter of fact, they are often disastrous.

Some people try love spells on partners who are going astray or at least thinking about it. Again, trying to control someone is almost useless. Helping them see the situation that they are considering for what it is, however, might be more helpful. People really have to choose their own paths, although sometimes a little clarity can help them choose the right one.

We spend a lot of time trying to “fix” other people when we should really start inwards. I know that’s hard to do, but it’s the only real way that we can hope to be happy. It’s difficult to count on other people changing, but we can always have control over who we are and what we do. People are very fickle with fickle emotions and fickle ideas. The only person that we really have a handful of control over is ourselves.

I do hope that your life is filled with love and magick.

Brightest blessings,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. Jeanne says

    If Love Spells don’t give us the love we want WHY do you have them ???

    June 10th, 2011 | #
  2. Vishesh says

    I don’t think love is for me… Whenever i try to love someone, there must be some difficulties….. So i’ve decided not to love anyone now… It’s really embarassing….:twisted:

    June 10th, 2011 | #
  3. Sylvia says

    I do agree that love spells that others ‘try’ to conjure up for you from the internet is not most probable…but why would the ones ‘you’ do for yourself not be a ‘good or positive’ path to follow??? That part I do not understand. Thank you for your reply or answer to this complex question.

    June 11th, 2011 | #
  4. Maria says

    If the spells does not work, why we should do them? Do you mean that the spells on the books that we bought from you
    are usless? Just a kids play?
    With this article that you wrotte, you just opened Panora’s box. In other words don’t waste your time with spells, they’re not working.
    I am very disappointed, and I will give up the spells, they are non sense, as you are saying in your article..

    June 11th, 2011 | #
  5. You and I hold the same opinion! Forcing love through a spell is useless or awful, but helping love along? Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Make yourself noticed, open up communication, etc. People who want all or nothing need to really think about their motives.

    June 11th, 2011 | #
  6. A love spell is not a love spell is not a love spell. Getting noticed, drawing someone in closer so they can get to know you, getting rid of barriers, etc. Those are love spells. They just don’t FORCE someone into an emotion they don’t really feel.

    June 11th, 2011 | #
  7. Hyara Peyrott says

    Oh love, love. We always seem to be seeking it outside ourselves. Rose, you scared those looking to control others to feel love. You explain it though, the spells work to bring real love into our lives, REAL, not love made out of our need to “consume” certain type of disfunctional love. Love you!

    June 11th, 2011 | #
  8. Rose Ariadne says

    Dearest Friends And Student,

    What I mean by this post…and maybe I didn’t make myself clear enough, is that love spells “don’t work” well (or can actually backfire) from trying to MAKE someone fall in love with you who wouldn’t otherwise do so, or want to.

    I never recommend using them on specified people… only to bring new love into your life. To attract those who would naturally be attracted to you, and possibly fall in love with you.

    The key is to “find them”…to create that chance…and that’s what I think love spells are perfect for…



    June 12th, 2011 | #
  9. LauraC. says

    Hello Everyone,
    My thoughts on the love spells are, this, I think the spells are to make you more attractive to other people and to draw the one you are inerested in closer to you,so that there is an opportunity for “chance”. It is based on attraction” rather than ‘promotion”. I wouldn’t want to hold someone against their will. It wouldn’t be real for one,and another thing it wouldn’t be right. I think that “love spells” bring opportunity to see if you really desire the person in question.:D

    June 17th, 2011 | #
  10. Roseanne says

    I was about to buy the witchcraft course..not for getting more money, or any other material item. I wanted to purchase it to bring my husband back home to me. He left 6 wks ago. I know we were very much in love at one time, but the last couple of yrs we have gone through a lot of heartache. Now I know I am very much still in love with him. And I believe he still has love for me….at least he has said he still loved me, not only to me but to our nephew. I believe his anger and hurt and our total unhappiness over the last two yrs has made him bitter. It is almost like a love hate relationship. I know that if we didn’t go through these last few very rough yrs we would have remained together. I made major mistakes and so has he. No cheating or anything like that…just that we drifted and spent to much time put everything else ahead of each other….so we became roommates…basically. So the bottom line is….I am afraid he will be gone forever if I don’t do something quick! But if this really won’t work I don’t want to purchase it. Because as I said….it isn’t for material items but for my husband to look at me like he use to, to heal his wounds and anger and bring him home….so we can recapture the very incredible love we use to have….and I need to do it quick before I only do more stupid things…like beg and push him even further away! So please me, is there something that will work? thank you!

    July 13th, 2011 | #
  11. Roseanne says

    Let me rephrase my question. My husband and I have been together for 12 yrs. He was married previously and so was I. Both of us have been married previously. I have 2 children from my previous marriage, he has none, but has basically raised my children as his since they were only 6 when we meet. We were both very very much in love. The connection was incredible something I have never experienced before, nor had he. When I hurt he hurt, when he hurt I hurt. As if we could actually feel each others pain. Seriously, if I had a headache or if he did, it seemed like the other would get one too. We were best of friends. We did and shared everything together. Then over the last couple of be exact 2 yrs and 5 months…things turned. Never once did we say that we didn’t love each other, even now that he has left 6wks ago, he still has told me he loves me and has told other people also. But what changed was this, my ex-husband started influencing my children, telling them they don’t have to listen to him because he is not their father. Things started to turn. The kids would talk back to him…he became frustrated and I got caught in the middle of it all. Our kids would say I didn’t stick up for them and that I always side with him, he would say I didn’t stand by him and always ran to our kids side. Both him and the kids are right, I was so caught up in the middle that I didn’t know which way to turn. Arguments irrupted often…than every more often…until our household was almost a war zone…neither him or the kids would back down.It was just terrible…each of them feeling as if I didn’t care…and than I just withdrew from them all, I sunk into a depression…it seemed as if we fought over every little thing…we never did that before…both of us..actually all of us were all stressed out…and it kept getting worse. Things that never bothered either of us…became a huge issue! Than because we were at odds all the time, we didn’t spend as much time together! We weren’t exactly roommates as I stated earlier, because we still loved each other very much…and we still did have our incredible moments together but no where near the way it was. I suggested counseling, but if you knew him you would know that he would never agree to that, to him it is a sign of weakness. He is a manly man…but extremely sensitive and he gets his feelings hurt easily. He felt unloved, and alone…as did I. Both of us wanting this to work but our stress level was off the charts. Then him and our son…had a major blowout…huge….huge….huge…blow out! The things that came out of my son’s mouth was just mean, rotten and uncalled for. (my son who has always been a good kid, and highest honors started hanging out with these other kids he worked with and he began to change) anyway….it was so bad…that the next day…my husband said…THAT’S IT, I am done! He has been staying else where…even though he comes to the house to get cloths and walk the dogs…but now he doesn’t even want me in the house when he is here…! So I leave and give him time alone…But as it stands I will be the one moving out of the house by mid Aug and he will remain here…but I know this is a mistake…it is not wishful thinking…it is the fact that I know…beyond a shadow of a doubt he loves me still. But I also know about his pride and stubbornness and that is why I am here. I can almost stake my life on it, that if I move out….there will be no turning back. I know him as well as I know myself, I might even know him better than myself. He is a man of pride and to turn around and come back, his pride and hurt, and anger will not allow him to! So here I am, begging for some kind of help…! I believe there are soul mates in this world, and from the day we meet each other it was like we had known each other forever…it was an instant bond! We finished each others sentences, we felt each others pain…we always knew what the other was thinking…and we loved each other so deeply….But even with all that…because I know him so well….I know…when he makes up his mind…he will shut down his heart! Regardless if he loves me…he will not be able to let go of the hurt, anger and pride. He will not be able to see that there is a path of happiness for us. He feels that it will just be the same…but the kids are off to college…and they actually have been staying with their father the last couple of weeks…and might just stay there…because…they are so out of control…and that is my fault for not knowing how to handle it. So even with that…he will not come back home…because he all ready left and feels that I will never stand by his side…he is now blind to the happiness that was ahead of us. Please do not think I sent my kids to their fathers because of him… I had all ready planned on doing that once they graduated high school…simply because I really needed a break. I did however, make a mistake…I didn’t tell him that my ex husband and I agreed that the kids would live with him until they went to college in the fall. I didn’t share that with him…because with the stress I was afraid he would get into a disagreement one day with the kids and tell them…then it would be even worse…because they would have been even more out of control. So exactly 1 1/2 wks before they were to graduate…him and our son…got in a blowout..that I could not stop…and now here we are. He will never ever ever swallow his pride and come home! Never in his eyes that makes him weak…so he will continue this path he chose even if he doesn’t really want it. I know he doesn’t want it, because he told me, but he is stubborn, plus at this point our family and friends know…and again this is a very Proud man. So help me please…because I know, once I leave that is it. I can’t really explain it…but I know…. Just as I know he still loves me! I am not that naive to just think something…this I know. Even our signs our compatible ..I am Virgo..he is Taurus. I would do whatever it takes to reconcile our marriage…(I say marriage, though we never had a formal service, because we both consider ourselves to be husband and wife, as well as all our family and friends) We had planned on getting married when the kids were out of High School, for one reason…I wanted to keep my old married name while they were in school and he agreed, but neither of us wanted to get “married” while I kept it… so thus the reason we were waiting. I was going to switch back to my maiden name…then we were going to get “married” and it would be my maiden name switching to his last name. Might not make sense to you but it did to us! Soooooooooo please help me….Even if you can cast the spell! I will provide you with every thing you ask for. Or if you can refer me to someone who can if you can’t….! Just please I only have a very short window of opportunity! Thanks…again please be assured….this is not my wishful thinking that he still loves me…this is the reality…he has told way to many people..that he just wished we could be happy together and give each other the time, love and respect that each other wants! HELP!

    July 14th, 2011 | #

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