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Before I start, I want you to quickly read the last sentence of my last blog post.

Ok, just in case you are too lazy (like I would be), I’ll help you out. It says…

“Keep on believing.”

In case you didn’t notice (or didn’t get a chance to read my last blog post), I spoke about belief quite a bit.

Obviously I brought it up because it is the main ingredient behind real, life-changing Magick. It is the key to unlocking your control of the world’s hidden energies…

But I brought up the subject of belief for another reason too.

Think back to when you were a child. To the carefree moments, where you would dream and fantasize of different worlds, places, and Magickal things.

Anything was possible. You believed it, and that is why you dreamed it. Most people get “hardened” by life, as they get older.

The cold reality is always there as you grow older, tugging at your coattails…forcing you to accept it. It tells you that there isn’t a Magickal world that you can go some day…that there isn’t fairies, or divination, or people with hidden powers.

It tells you that the world is exactly as it appears through the human eyes, and that science can explain anything.

I have news for you. So-called “reality” is a trick. One big sham.

But “reality” exists for a reason. You see, not everybody was meant to be “special”. Not everybody can be great, and the belief in reality – the giving up of childhood dreams – prevents people from achieving the life they dreamed of when they were children.

That is the ONLY thing stopping them, is their lack of belief.

If you truly believe, now, as you did when you were a child…mark my word: nothing can stop you from getting to see all of the wonder and beauty, and Magick that exists behind the curtain of reality.

There is something much greater happening than meets the eye…and you have the power to connect with wonders beyond your imagination – through Magick. If you only believe.

Don’t let reality close in on you, and keep fighting to keep your belief strong. Trust me, you can do anything as long as you have it.

To the believers…


Your Warm and Caring “Resident Witch in Charge”

P.S. Ok ok, I know I’ve been rambling on and on about it – and I promise to give you some really juicy stuff that you can use in your Magick in the next post…I just know how important belief is, and had to get the full message out. I really do care about you, and I know that if you believe in yourself, and believe in your power – you really can get all that you want in life and beyond…

It’s up to you.

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