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Dear Friends,

Finally, life is somewhat back to normal after my travels abroad.  I learned much, and had many wonderful experiences… from exploring Buddhist temples, to long hikes through nature, to seeing true 3rd world poverty (and lending a helping had) – it was a Magickal experience…

It is good to be home, not only because I enjoy  writing these newsletters for all of you, but also because the comforts of home are very special.  Dorothy said it in the Wizard of Oz, and it is very true. 

There is no place like home.

Anyway, on with our journey together.  This weeks interview is my friend Tatania and Ash talking about where the power of Magick comes from.

I know I’ve spoken about this before, but Tatania gives a slightly different spin on this (even talking about “sub atomic” particles).  Don’t’ worry, it is very easy to understand where she is going with it.

Just remember that Magick is energy.  It is the energy of your emotions, your deepest feelings and desires… all fueled by your belief in your life, and the goals you have.

There is Magick energy in every smile, every frown, every glance from that special someone across the room… and in nature… Magick energy in every gust of wind through the trees, every moonbeam, and every ray of sunshine….

My friends, our world is alive with Magick during every moment in time.  And it is all so precious… and we all of the power to tap into it – to pull back the curtain of things you can only “see”, and find the world of Magick.

You’ve all known, since early on, that there are things in this world that defy scientific explanation… they defy common “reason” and logic.  Some brush these things off as only “coincidence” – but they are so wrong. 

Magick is all around you!  The secret is knowing how to reach out and touch it, and use it to create wonder in your life.  First you learn to crawl, then you learn to walk… next, you learn to run… and finallyl, you learn to fly!

Emotion, belief, and focused intent.  This is where your power comes from – the power of Magick within you.

It is so good to be back with you all… and I ask one simple favor of you.

Choose somebody you deeply care about…preferably over the weekend.  Walk up to them, and give them a big hug that they don’t expect.  And tell them you love them.

That is the easiest way I know to cast a Magick spell… the rest is “easy”, and it all flows naturally from there.

Enjoy the wonderful interview, and don’t forget to answer the Quiz questions also on the blog.

I’ll be sending you another newsletter and interview next week – until then keep on believing in yourself, and in Magick.  No matter your situation – whether you are happy or sad – you are special, and things will only get better, as long as you believe.

Love And Light Always, My Dear Friends,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge

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