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Dear Friends,

I must tell you the last few days after the release (finally) of my life’s work have been a complete blur.  Phone calls, emails, questions… but it’s been great!  I love hearing from all of you.

And really, that’s the main reason I decided to create this blog, and my other websites.  I have longed for the days when I could create a Witchcraft community like this – where everyone can be a part of something… bigger.

In keeping with the spirit of the past few days of excitement, I’d like to share with you some questions I have been getting from around the world in my second “Q&A With Rose Ariadne” (and if you say that right, it rhymes… ;)  )

Oh, and before I start – just in case you hadn’t heard about my book being complete, and my life’s work finally getting done…

You can get your complimentary copy of my book here:

And you can read all about my finally completed life’s work here, it’s not for everybody – but there is sure a lot of excitement about it:

And one more thing before I get started… I found A LOT more interviews that had been done (that I completely forgot about)!  Ash had interviewed me a few months ago, along with a few more very experienced (and interesting!) Witches.  I am going to have Ash begin preparing the clips so that I can send them to you… along with a quiz and newsletter for each one.  So be looking for them!

Ok, on with the “Q&A With Rose Ariadne”. …

The first question is from Carol….

“Hi Rose, do you have any spells for lasting friendship? I  keep making the wrong decisions about the people I choose to become friends with.  I want to meet some nice sincere people for true friendship and not people who use me.

Thank You,

Merry Meet Carol!

It is so true that good friends (TRUE friends) are very hard to find in this world.  And also, make sure that when you find them, you hold them close to your heart… appreciate every day, every moment you spend with them.  Friendship is a delicate and beautiful thing.

The truth is, I have some advice (as always…) – and yes, I have a something you can try Magickally to help.  It will open the doors of friendship in your future, indeed.

First, it is important for you to open yourself to receive friendship.  At first, it should be a conscious effort to look people in the eye whenever you have a chance (as long as you don’t STARE… ;)  ) – whether it’s in the mall, walking down the street, at the grocery store, or anywhere else. 

Opportunities to meet new people are around us every day.  Unfortunately, many of us are so caught up in our own lives and problems – and we miss a lot of opportunities to meet wonderful people… and we don’t even realize it.

So, first you must open your arms to people – give them a friendly “hello” when you normally wouldn’t have before.  You’ll be surprised by who you meet…

Now, here is a special powder you can use to speed things up a bit – to open doors of friendship in your very near future…  Rose Ariadne’s “True Friend” powder.

Set up your altar as normal, and cast your protections (if you don’t know how to do this, make sure to grab my book :

As you sit in the light of your candles, grind the following up in your mortar and pestle (or in a bowl with a spoon if you don’t have a mortar and pestle):

 Rosemary leaves
 Dried sage
 Salt
 Sugar

Grind all of these things into a fine powder.  While you do this, visualize the qualities of your perfect friend.  How will your friend make you feel?  What kinds of things will you talk about?  What is your friend’s demeanor – is he/she funny, emotional, happy, etc?

Visualize these qualities until you can almost feel them…When you are done grinding your ingredients, open your circle, thank your deities, and clean up your altar.  Put the powder in a safe place…

Every time you plan on going out (into town, or anywhere where there will be other people) rub just a little of this powder between your hands, and sprinkle a little bit on your shirt…You’ll be amazed at who shows up…

I hope this helps Carol, and remember – once you have found some wonderful friends, nurture that relationship.  Spend time with them… it’s the most valuable resource in the world.  Time.

Bright Blessings,
Rose Ariadne


This next question is from “Yoda”…

“Rose Ariadne,
Could you please explain to me how to make my own voodoo dolls, what kind of herbs do I put in it and what not. I want to make a doll to bring back the love of my life….. Please help.

Many thanks.

Blessed be,

Hello Yoda!  I must admit, this is a very hard question to answer in a public “forum” like this newsletter.   I definitely understand your point of view though.  I prefer to call them “Poppets”, and when used properly, they can yield very powerful results.

That’s why I have to back off a little bit and not answer your question completely.  You see, Poppet Magick can be misused, and it can be harmful to you, and the person you use it on if you are not careful.

That’s why I can’t go into full detail about how to make a poppet in a public newsletter, because I don’t know your experience level, your intentions, or how you plan to use this knowledge.  That’s what my private teachings are for (and I teach a LOT of Poppet Magick in my Home Academy).

But I will tell you some herbs you can use that are effective in matters of the heart, love spells, and even Poppets.  But first, a little something to think about…

Loosing someone you Love brings an inexplicable sadness.  The more we Love, the more we loose.  And your heartfelt sadness is a universal emotion, shared by many.  People get broken hearts every day, and most recover and are better for the experience.  I would never advise anyone to attempt to influence someone to Love you, who has made the decision to go on… please think about what you desire, and then think about if it isn’t best to move on with your own life.

It may not seem like it yet, but there are wondrous things ahead of you – but only if you make the decision to move on for yourself… you’ll be happy to see what life has in store for you.

And now, for some “love drawing” herbs you can integrate into your Poppet Magick and any other Love Spells…

Ambergris – awakens love and emotion
Apple Blossom – love and friendship
Balm of Gilead – for new love
Cherry – for love
Cinnamon – lust and love
Clove – lust and love
Clover – for love
Damiana – lust and love
Ginger –love

…and many more.  See if you can use some of the above herbs for use to open the doors of love in your life, Yoda.  I’d recommend a ritual to help you get over your heartbreak, and open doors of new love into your life (but it is important to complete the grieving process, so you can start fresh and pure)…

I hope this helps, and I’m sorry I can’t go into more detail about how to cast Love Magick with Poppets, it’s a very touchy subject…

Love And Light,



The final question for this issue is from Artz…

“Hello Rose,

I wanted to ask you if by chance, do you have special kinds of spells used for money, like attracting, or winning, or coming into money. I was wondering about that.  I have been trying to think of ways, that would help me out instead of living on a tight budget, to have some luck to getting me to where I would like to be right now. Do you have any spells that would give me the luck that I need to winning a lottery.

Please, do write back to me and let me know, O.K.,


Merry Meet Artz,

Wow, so ambitious!  That’s good, but casting a spell to win the lottery is quite a stretch.  I’ll put it this way, if every Witch experienced in Magick use could cast a spell to win the lottery – we’d have a bunch of Witchy millionaires running around. ;)

But, of course there are a lot of different spells and rituals you can to do open the doors of wealth and success in your life.  But let me stress something…

It is possible that Money spells “can” hurt others around you.  For example, let’s say you cast a spell for money, without really thinking about possible consequences… shortly after people that you love perish in some sort of accident, and you get the inheritance… or something like that.  A morbid thought I know, but something that must be considered.

That’s why, at the end of each spell you cast, you should say… “An it harm none”.  To make sure that the results you desire will not hurt anyone else in accomplishing your goals.

There are many people struggling with money issues, and many ways to end the money worries with Magick.  Just make sure to “let your spell go” once you have cast it… don’t think about it, or wonder if it will work.  Just know that it will… and then go about your life, and put some effort into changing things for yourself…

And the money Magick you sent out into the cosmos will bring you all you desire, and more… and it will happen in surprising ways that you never guessed…

Here is an easy and harmless spell you can practice, so you can start seeing some results – which will increase your belief in your Magick for future spells…

This is an older beginner spell, but it has worked wonders for many.

Here is what you need:

A coin of each denomination (penny, nickel, dime, quarter)
Dried corn
Sesame seeds
Cinnamon sticks
A bottle

Set up your altar with money drawing incense and some green candles (along with the other items normally on your altar). 

Cast your Magick circle and sit down to begin your spell work.

Place each item into the bottle one at a time, and each time you put something into the bottle, think about a different way that you could possibly come upon some money.  Visualize these things happening as vividly as possible.

Once everything is inside of the bottle, shake it 5 times and say…

“Money seeds I saw today,
Bring the money like a sunlight ray,
From far and wide I call you here,
Money, Money, I hold you dear…”

Open your circle, and clean up your space… keep this bottle in your room around where you normally keep any money you have.  Let the spell go, and go about your life…

That’s all for now, and this spell should put you on the right path to money, success, and wealth… but don’t get lazy, and sit back and wait for it to happen!  Get out there and allow the Magick to work!

Bright Blessings Artz,

Rose Ariadne
In the next issue, be ready for another interview… Ash is busy pulling it together as we speak… I can’t wait to share it with you.

Until next time…

Love And Light,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. Colleen says

    Dear Rose, I am trying to make a link for your book as I was on your list of blessed free copies but I cannot download. Could you send me a link plse I do have Adobe.

    Love and light

    March 30th, 2006 | #
  2. SHAZAM says


    March 30th, 2006 | #
  3. Honey says

    Dearest Sunshine Rose,

    The spell that you wrote in your Blog, about the coins and all of the Herbs. Do those herbs need to go inside the jar as well together with the coins? Please reply at [email protected]
    Thank you for your Blessings!

    Truly Yours,

    March 31st, 2006 | #
  4. somebody says

    dear rose,

    can i pls have a copy of some spells in your book?because i read your story and i know that you have real powers,.,can i get a copy pls,..pls reply at [email protected],.thanks and god bless!

    love and light,

    July 23rd, 2006 | #
  5. Princesa says

    :cry: My ex boyfriend and I broke up after 8 months. We were constantly arguing and accusing each other of cheating. He said it was better for us to break up, but it seems like I cant move on. He now treats me bad and calls me nasty names. It really hurts to hear him say those things to me. i thought I could make this work, but is too painful. I want to stop loving him and I want to feel disgust for him. What can I do to make this happen?

    November 12th, 2006 | #
  6. patricka williams says

    it is so hard not having anybody
    not wanting to be your friend
    because the way you look I’am
    black and think. I won’t this
    boy to like me so much he is so
    dreaming.Could you help me:sad::sad::sad:

    May 9th, 2008 | #
  7. patricka williams says

    it is so hard not having anybody
    not wanting to be your friend
    because the way you look I’am
    black and thick. I won’t this
    boy to like me so much he is so
    dreaming.Could you help me:sad::sad::sad:

    May 9th, 2008 | #
  8. sruthi says

    Hello Rose,

    I have read your answer for Artz request on spells for lottery/ money.
    Is the spell specific only to a particular person or even I could use it.
    if yes, I am not clear on ALLSPICE …what are the spices in it?
    & a coin of each denomination ( penny,nickel,dime,quarter) can I use the french coins of the same value instead ?
    please reply.. I really want to win a lottery not of a huge amount though but good enough to go back to my country by paying all my debts ,buy a house ,car & save a little amount & give a comfortable life to my parents in their old age.

    Thank you so much for your help .

    March 30th, 2009 | #

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